Maureen Banton – In Service to Sigma Run


Faithful, fair, factual. Three words that describe the silent yet skilled prowess of Maureen Banton. 

Like a ninja to her trade, she has with cat-like reflexes navigated the Sigma Secretariat as a volunteer for over 20 years. 
So moved by her commitment her hard work paid off with a surprising award for her selfless volunteering at the recent Corporate Awards.
Get to know her, what drives her passion for giving back and why continues to volunteer at Sagicor Sigma Run in today's Feature Friday.



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Oral Heaven- Outstanding Advisor


Oral Heaven is a Financial Advisor with a high on life, his family inspires him to do more daily while putting his clients needs first. He copped our "Outstanding Advisor" for the month.  Learn more about Oral in our latest blog post. 

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Feature Friday Olivia Campbell - The Fashionable Choice


Olivia Campbell is as diverse as her style. What started as a two-week project contract in 2006 has now blossomed into a 15-year career. 

Hear how this fashionista's attention to detail, flair and drive made her the Team Member of the Year for 2009. 

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#MyWorldMonday - Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham Teacher-Turned-Leading Banker


Before entering the arena of finance, which eventually culminated with her appointment as CEO of Sagicor Bank Jamaica (SBJ), Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham's career began in a classroom at Kingston Technical High School, where she taught business to upper school students. We take a look at this multi-faceted powerhouse in today's My World Monday feature. 



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Stephen O Levy - Journey To Success


Imagine being promoted three times in one year, nominated twice for Team Member of the Year with countless other wins for Team Member Of the Month and Team Member of the Quarter? 

Such has been the journey of Stephen Levy. In today's Feature Friday, we revisit his 2018 win as Team Member of the Year and the journey that brought him there. 

Read today's Feature Friday to learn more. 


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CSR ‘Year in Review’ blog post


In 2020, as the world battled the unprecedented and challenging impacts of a pandemic, Sagicor sought to reassure the community of its unwavering support of the Jamaican people, through the continued roll-out of core corporate social responsibility initiatives as well as by responding to the new calls for support particularly in health and education. 

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