Care Shield

Sagicor Care Shield is a group insurance plan designed specifically for Sagicor Bank credit cardholders and their families.  

As a Sagicor Bank credit cardholder, you can now access affordable insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones. 
For as little as $630 monthly, you can access up to $1,000,000 coverage, in the event you are diagnosed with a critical illness
These exclusive benefits were developed to provide coverage to assist with costs incurred from being hospitalized, diagnosed with a critical illness, or untimely death (life insurance). 

Hospital Care Plan
If admitted to a hospital, the plan pays a fixed cash benefit directly to you for each day you are confined.  Access payout of up to $150,000 per day

•Critical illness
In the event, you are diagnosed with a critical illness a lump sum will be paid directly to you. Access coverage of up to $2 million for as little as $1,260 monthly.


• Life Insurance

In the event of death, this plan pays a lump sum to your beneficiary. Access up to $2 million in coverage for as little as $1,520 monthly.

*The Bank is pleased to provide a portion (ten percent) of any life insurance coverage purchased by the cardholder, free of cost, as creditor life coverage to cover a portion of any outstanding credit card balance, in the event of death.



Who Can Apply

All active Sagicor Bank credit cardholders and their dependents are eligible to enroll under the Sagicor Care Shield plan.

You are required to submit proof of relationship for dependent children who are enrolled (birth certificate). Documents can be uploaded electronically on Sagicor Connect or emailed to Send mail

The maximum age of entry for the plan is 70 years. 


For a limited time only, this plan is offered to you without the submission of medical evidence. All enrollments received prior to August 31, 2024 will have guaranteed acceptance 

How to Apply

You can apply online by clicking the following link



Sagicor Bank credit card holders will be required to complete an enrollment form, to be submitted online. 

The Open Enrollment period will run from June 1- August 31. Only applications received during this period will be processed.


Premium Payments

Premiums Frequency:

Premiums are payable monthly and are based on the rates reflected in the Schedule of Benefits.  Payments are made online at .

Health Cards/Certificates

Health cards, Life Insurance and Critical Illness certificates will be available on the Sagicor Connect portal.

You will be notified by SMS/email once your card and/or certificate is ready.