Custody/Safe Keeping Services

We offer a complete range of custody and securities safekeeping services for both businesses and individuals. Our experienced and professional team will work diligently to help you meet your objectives.

Take comfort in our superior client service along with the expertise required to manage all your custodial and safekeeping needs.

Clients can house their securities with us through two options:

  • Custody Arrangement – Securities are held in our name on behalf of the client
  • Safekeeping Arrangement – Securities are purchased/transferred in the name of the client but held by Sagicor Investments.


  • Safekeeping of all securities, mutual funds, and global assets
  • Settlement of trades initiated by you
  • Receipting of dividends and interest payments
  • Investment of idle cash balances


Please speak with a Personal Financial Advisor at your nearest branch or call 888-SAGICOR.