Sagicor Group Jamaica Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Sagicor Group, Jamaica is committed to giving back to our community, and that is entrenched in our vision "to be a great company committed to improving the lives of people in the communities in which we operate." It is through this vision as well as our Foundation tagline ‘caring, inspiring, serving’ , that we will continue to deliver positive contributions for our children in Jamaica in the areas of health, education and sport.

The Sagicor Foundation reflects the core values of the company and exists to further establish Sagicor Group Jamaica as a socially responsible brand by:

  • Allowing greater access to education for our nation’s youth
  • Helping to create a healthy Jamaica by giving practical and tangible donations to the health sector
  • Investing in youth sports for the better good of Jamaica
  • Supporting community initiatives

The Sagicor Foundation, through these areas, will seek opportunities through which it can create a positive impact in our communities. We will contribute to the well-being of communities through:

  • Charitable giving
  • Team volunteerism
  • Stakeholder engagement

Our charitable investment projects are aligned with the annual strategic goals of the Sagicor Foundation as approved by the Sagicor Foundation Board of Commissioners, in the following areas:

  1. Health:
    In this area we will donate equipment and supplies to a variety of health related institutions. This is done primarily through the fund raising efforts of the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run. Through the Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run, the Sagicor Foundation galvanizes Corporate Jamaica and individuals to participate and contribute significantly to sustainable projects that focus on health related charities and institutions.
  2. Education:
    The Sagicor Foundation will continue to support education at all levels of the educational system. At the basic school level, the focus is on donating to the physical infrastructure and improvement of selected schools, annually in communities throughout the island. Outstanding students from the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) are offered scholarships to the secondary institution of their choice, while at the tertiary level, the Sagicor Foundation, executes a scholarship Programme assisting with the tuition fees or book grants for successful applicants based on the following key areas:
    1. Financial need
    2. Academic performance – GPA of 3.0 and higher
    3. Community involvement
  3. Sports:
    In this area we will support the development of various sporting activities. This will be done through reputable sporting clubs and organizations. The Sagicor Foundation is also committed to offering sponsorship to sporting activities which enhance the development of communities, and our nation’s children. One major activity is our annual commitment to the annual implementation with the Jamaica Teachers Association of the annual JTA/Sagicor Athletics Primary Championships. This Championship facilitates the athletic development of approximately 4000 children as well as full scholarship awards to the Champion Boy and Girl of the Meet towards their Secondary education.


Aside from the areas of focus outlined above, we offer assistance by purchasing tickets for charitable events. The request must be submitted in writing describing the event, beneficiary, cost of the tickets and a contact name and number.


Generally, Sagicor Foundation will not make contributions to certain types of requests. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Beauty pageants and entertainment events, unless there is a charitable component
  • International organizations
  • Books, research papers or articles in professional journals
  • Religious organizations, unless they are engaged in a significant project that benefits the community


  • Applications must fall within the areas of focus as outlined above.
  • Applications must be submitted in writing.
  • Supporting documentation for the request must be provided where needed, for example, levels of sponsorship, invoices, and estimates/budget.


The following criteria will be used when deciding to make the charitable donation:

  • Integrity of the organization or cause:
    • Is this a cause or organization with which our Group can be positively associated with?
  • Efficiency:
    • Will our decision to support the organization, serve a few people or many?
  • Effectiveness:
    • Will distribution of the request benefit the Group and worthy cause?
  • Benefit to the Group:
    • Will our decision improve the quality of life for the community, ultimately benefiting the Group? Will our decision fulfill our role as a good corporate citizen? Will our decision demonstrate our leadership in the community?