Chorvelle Johnson-Cunningham- Saluting Jamaica, 60 years strong

Posted August 06, 2022

In recognition of Jamaica's 60th anniversary of Independence, we are sharing the personal stories of our clients and friends on what this independence means to them. 

“ One thing I love about Jamaica is the sense of community I had growing up, where we were our brother's keeper, when the village parented our children, when we ate from each other's pot. I love my island and there is nowhere else I would rather be, but my hope as we celebrate 60 is that we carry with us some of the old values of community.

Sports helps to unit the nation- football, netball, athletics- we have it. We are a nation full of talent and make good even with limited resources. There is something about the Jamaican flavour, it can't be replicated. 

I have mixed feelings when I think of independence. To be independent means we do not have to rely on others to make our decisions, but there are some things that we must move towards to fully claim our independence- a state where we have equity in our resources where all Jamaicans have the same access to water, food and security."


- Chorvelle Johnson-Cunningham

CEO, Sagicor Bank Jamaica