Sagicor Insurance Brokers Limited is a subsidiary of Sagicor Life Jamaica which makes it a part of the insurance conglomerate, Sagicor Financial Corporation.  It is managed by a General Manager who reports to the Board of Directors and is the first company in Jamaica to be granted a facultative placement brokerage license by local regulatory authorities, to legally tender United States dollar denominated insurance products through an offshore insurer.

The company commenced operation in January 2008 with a mandate to capture niche groups through the marketing of a comprehensive range of ordinary long term and equity linked insurance products, in both Jamaican and United States dollar.

You may choose from any of the following USD denominated products available through SIB and issued through Sagicor Cayman Islands, a Caymanian insurance subsidiary of the Sagicor Group:


Super Term

The Super Term Plan is a US Dollar non-participating, renewable, convertible term insurance plan.

Purple Shield

This product has five basic benefits: Death, Terminal Illness, Accidental Dismemberment, Total and Permanent Disability due to an accident, and Accident, In-Hospital Income.

Total Protector

The sum insured is paid upon diagnosis of cancer, a heart attack, major burns, coma or paralysis provided that this diagnosis does not occur during the first 180 days following issue of the policy.

Ultra Lifeline

This is an equity-linked insurance plan available to anyone between the ages of 20 to 60, and provides a benefit in the event of death, or upon diagnosis of one of the 21 conditions covered.

Guaranteed Investor

This is an interest-sensitive investment product. An Initial Premium is paid on the Issue Date, and Additional Investment Premiums can be added to the policy on each Interest Review Date.

Individual Annuity

An annuity is a series of periodic payments commencing on a stated date and continuing thereafter at the stipulated frequency for a stated duration.

Triple Protector Plus

This policy provides up to US$50,000 upon diagnosis of most forms of cancer, a heart attack or a stroke.

Ultra 75

Ultra 75 is an equity linked insurance plan available to anyone above the age of 80, which offers a flexible approach to your personal financial planning needs worlds providing life coverage.

Ultra Life

This is an equity-linked Universal Life-type plan issued to policyholders aged 0-80, and offers a flexible approach to personal financial planning needs whilst providing life coverage.

Universal Investor

Universal Investor is a high yielding insurance investment plan with a basic$2000 Life Insurance Coverage. It is a ‘nifty’ investment vehicle for the astute individual who enjoys the flexibility of paying a small monthly premium ($100.00), but having the option to invest additional monies when desired.