If you are looking for a short or medium term investment, we have Repurchase Agreements (Repos) that will provide attractive returns in the following currencies:

  • Jamaican dollars
  • United States dollars

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) through the Securities (Retail Repurchase Agreement) Regulations, 2014 has established new regulations governing Repurchase Agreement Contracts (Repo). Under these new regulations all securities dealers will be required to adopt the new Retail Repo Trust structure and ensure that all Retail Repos are compliant. To view a copy of the new Regulations and FSC Guidelines please click here. The new regulations are as follows:

Effective date Minimum transaction size in J$ currency Minimum Transaction Size US$ Currency
April 01, 2015 J$500,000 US$5,000
October 01, 2015 J$750,000 US$7,500
December 31, 2015 J$1,000,000 US$10,000

As at February 15th 2016, the minimum amounts for a Retail Repo with Sagicor Investments increased to J$5,000,000 or US$50,000 for individual and business clients. This was applied to new investments and contracts that were rolled over or renewed.


  • Competitive fixed interest rates—within the investment period
  • Interest payment options available
  • Reinvest the interest payments to the matured principal or have it deposited into your personal account
  • Flexible terms from 30 days to 1 year
  • Automatic renewal options available

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