SAGE Network: One Patty- A Lesson in Patience

BY Andre Wayne- Guest Blogger Posted August 30, 2022

‘A hungry man is a’ angry man’ is the Jamaican proverb that best describes the overriding theme of Gay Magnus’ award-winning comedic short film, ‘One Patty’. Simply put, the proverb means: ‘a person badly in need of something usually gets impatient with those standing in his way.’ Released in 2017, this cinematic short length feature stars Odaine Clarke as Elton, the main character and features Franklyn St Juste as the affable Mr. Campbell, Shawna-Kae Burns as Mrs. Hewitt and Shola Collins as Shanique, along with other supporting cast. 

Set in one of the most egalitarian places in Jamaica, a patty shop, the plot tells the story of an impatient young man who enters to make a purchase. All he wants is one patty, but the colourful patrons in the line hamper his efforts. His impatience causes him to make rash decisions and he learns a valuable life lesson the hard way. It is a humorous depiction of a typical Jamaican scene, in a place where people from all walks of life and different ages have interactions on a daily basis that normally they would not have had.

Screenwriter Gay Magnus’ choice of location gave much life to this story and its characters with a theme centred on patience and overcoming everyday challenges. Expertly shot by the talented filmmaker Gabrielle Blackwood, the film’s cast was guided and inspired to produce convincing performances by the revered, highly-experienced stage director Eugene Williams in his film directorial debut.

‘One Patty’ is a funny film with a universal message that I would highly recommend for family viewing. This snapshot of the Jamaican experience reminds me of another local proverb: ‘humble calves suck di most milk’ which means, ‘being humble leads to great rewards.’ You and your family will enjoy ‘One Patty’ so start streaming NOW on the SAGE Network under the platform’s JAFTA Block section. Sign up for FREE today!