Sagicor Select Funds Limited is a public company which has the primary purpose of trading in securities listed on recognized exchanges. The Company is comprised of five (5) classes of shares; with a management share class and the remaining four classes each representing a separate fund within the Company.

Included in these five (5) classes of shares are Listed Equity Funds (LEF), funds that own pools of assets and divide ownership of those assets into shares that are then listed on an exchange. The pool of assets owned by the fund can be shares of stock, bonds, oil futures, gold bullion, foreign currency, etc. In the case of Sagicor Select Funds, the shares are in companies listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE). 

Investors benefit from diversification, exposure to large firms listed on the JSE, possible price appreciation of the shares and potential dividend payments. 

Sagicor Financial Select Fund

The Sagicor Financial Select represents one of the classes of ordinary shares of Sagicor Select Funds Limited.