SAGE Network - Road to Success

BY Andre Wayne- Guest Blogger Posted October 20, 2022

‘Road to Success’ on the SAGE Network by Sagicor, is a series that chronicles the interview, selection and announcement of the Sagicor Foundation Scholarship Award recipients aka ‘Sagicor Scholars’. The first episode gives us an overview of the process used to choose awardees and introduces us to some of the applicants vying for one of the coveted places amongst the winners. As they share their reason for applying, each individual story tugs at the heart strings of the selection panel, oftentimes with tears being shed. The feature culminates with the announcement of scholarship beneficiaries, a virtual potpourri of emotions erupting from the students.


Each year, the Sagicor Foundation Scholarship Program highlights and rewards academic excellence that allows our nation's youth to achieve their full educational potential. Episode 1 of the ‘Road to Success’ series, shot during the pandemic in 2020, includes excerpts of interviews with applicants who share their hopes and dreams for the future. In order to achieve their academic goals, students apply to become a ‘Sagicor Scholar’ with the hope of being selected from a pool of over 800 hopefuls annually. Successful 2020 recipients were then awarded a share of the over JA$18 million dollars in new scholarships and renewals for previous years.


The series also provides details on some of the various criteria considered during the applicants' interview process, as told by the members of the selection panel. The panellists are Chairman of the Sagicor Foundation, Dr. the Honourable R. Danny Williams, OJ, Executive Director Alysia White, Director Mark Chisholm, Vice President of Human Resources for Sagicor Group Jacqueline Donaldson and Stuart South, Sagicor Group’s team member of the year for 2019. In addition to their academic success, the selectors also considered applicants’ stated need, involvement in school activities with demonstrable leadership ability and strong community involvement. Insight on the diversity of the applicants is also shared by the panellists along with the challenge encountered when narrowing the very qualified candidates down to the final short-list of awardees


Current scholars are also featured as they express appreciation to Sagicor Foundation for how positively impactful the scholarship has been on their respective educational pursuits. Former scholars, who have had the opportunity to obtain internships with Sagicor while in school, before gaining full time employment upon graduation, are also introduced. This first episode in the series reflected the hybrid nature of the moment with a blend of in-person activities along with a virtual celebration. Throughout the episode, viewers experience the emotional journey of the applicants, sharing in their sadness, anxiety and jubilation in equal measure.


‘Road to Success’ immortalises Sagicor Foundation’s commitment to nation building, in this instance, through the provision of scholarship opportunities for our nation's youth. This visible, tangible assurance further underscores the belief that education is the gateway to future success. 

You will laugh, cry and revel in the joy of the moment as the stories of Jamaica’s next generation of scholars unfold on your screens. The series is a must-watch for the entire family as it provides life lessons on dedication, commitment and the importance of investing in education to enable the success of Jamaica’s young people..


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