Sagicor Manufacturing and Distribution Select Fund

Sagicor Select Funds Limited is a public company which has the primary purpose of trading in securities listed on recognized exchanges. The Company is comprised of five (5) classes of shares; with a management share class and the remaining four classes each representing a separate fund within the Company. The Sagicor Manufacturing and Distribution Select represents one of the classes of ordinary shares of Sagicor Select Funds Limited. It is a Listed Equity Fund (LEF) that will primarily own stocks of manufacturing and distribution companies listed on the Jamaica stock Exchange (JSE).
The JSE Manufacturing and Distribution Index will track the performance of manufacturing and distribution companies, which includes companies that produce and/or distribute food products, construction inputs, office equipment, pharmaceuticals, beverages, household products that are listed on both the Main Market and Junior Market and trade in Jamaican dollars. The JSE introduced the JSE Manufacturing and Distribution Index on Tuesday, October 1, 2019, and is the JSE’s second sector Index.
Sagicor Select Manufacturing and Distribution Fund aims to provide precise exposure to price and yield performance of manufacturing and distribution sector companies that are listed on the JSE. SMDF is expected to track the JSE Manufacturing and Distribution Index, which is an index established by the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Additional Product Details

features and benefits

Investors will benefit from diversification, exposure to large firms, listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, possible price appreciation of the shares and potential dividend payments. 

The benefits of holding the Sagicor Manufacturing and Distribution Select include:

  • The opportunity to invest in the most profitable companies on the JSE through by investing in one stock
  • Shares of the fund can be bought or sold similar to an ordinary stock on the Jamaica Stock Exchange
  • Exposure to large, established Jamaican companies
  • Low cost and efficient method to investing in Jamaican stocks
  • Trades of the LEFs on the Main Market of the JSE are exempt from Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty
  • Use at the core of portfolio to achieve balance growth and be held for short or long term
  • Reduce the impact of company-specific risk within an investment portfolio
  • Potential attractive dividends yield


To open a stockbrokerage account you'll need the following forms and items:

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eBank Application- Sagicor Investments eform

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