Enjoy the convenience of never missing an opportunity to invest in Initial Public Offerings (IPO) and other public offers with eInvest by Sagicor
Investments. eInvest is an online platform that facilitates the electronic submission of application forms for Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Additional
Public Offerings (APO), Rights Issues and other public offers.

Key Benefits of eInvest

eInvest provides the following benefits:

  • Convenience. With eInvest, applications are submitted electronically; and you can check the status of your application and receive transaction notifications. 
  • Saves time. With eInvest you no longer have to visit a Sagicor Investments branch or stand in queues to complete the application process. 
  • Accessibility. You can access eInvest anywhere, at any time.
  • Easy tracking. You can track the status of your application by logging in to your eInvest account. 


Click here to sign up for eInvest 


eInvest is Sagicor Investments’ online platform that facilitates the electronic submission of application forms for Initial Public Offers (IPO), Additional Public Offers (APO) or Rights Issues.


Simply go to www.eInvest.sagicorjamaica.com and register for an account.

To register for an account, you will need your active email address.

You can access eInvest using all web browsers except Internet Explorer.

No. You do not have to be a Sagicor Investments’ client to use eInvest and make applications for public offers.

No. If you are interested in opening an account with Sagicor Investments, please contact any one of our Sagicor Investments Wealth Advisors at any branch location or email us at [email protected] 

No. There is no fee for accessing or using eInvest.

Yes. In order for the application to be successfully submitted, all account holders are required to sign the application, with the exception of minors.

There are two ways to sign the form:
i. You can download the mobile eInvest signature application via Google Play or the Apple Store, and affix your electronic signature to the application, or;
ii. You can print, sign and upload the application form to eInvest.


No. All account holders will be required to use the same method of signing. It is recommended that the method of signing is agreed with all parties prior to signing, in order to avoid any delays or cancellation of the application.

No. Once you have completed an application on eInvest, you will not be required to complete a physical form. If you need additional information on how to complete an electronic application form, you may contact any of our Investment Advisors.

There are several payment options available:
i. Debit Card
ii. Real Time Gross Payment (RTGS) transfer
iii. JMD Manager’s cheque or USD Draft (for USD public offers)
iv. Wire transfer 
Please ensure that you update eInvest with the reference number for your chosen payment method using the instructions provided.


Yes. You can submit a physical application form if you choose not to use the eInvest platform. Simply visit any Sagicor Investments branch location and our Wealth Advisors will be happy to assist. 

Yes. You can use any JCSD account regardless of the associated broker. Please note that all JCSD accounts must be active.

If you do not have a JCSD account, please contact a Sagicor Investments Wealth Advisor at any of our Sagicor Investments branch locations and they will be happy to create an account for you.

No. Once your application is submitted using eInvest, there is no need to visit or contact your broker.

Once your application is successfully submitted, a notification will automatically be sent to your email address. The status of your application will also be displayed on your eInvest dashboard.

The dashboard is the first page that you will see once you log into eInvest.

An application cannot be cancelled once it has been successfully submitted using eInvest. To discontinue the submission of your application, please contact your Sagicor Investments Wealth Advisor, or our Client Contact Centre at 888-SAGICOR (724-4267) or email us at [email protected] 

In order to successfully submit an application, the following information is required:
1. Your Tax Registration Number (TRN)
2. The active JCSD account number you wish to use for the transaction 
3. Your valid government issued photo ID 
4. All relevant signatures
5. Information regarding your payment method 
6. Dividend mandate instructions
7. Refund instructions