School Companion


School Companion is a health plan which provides coverage for medical expenses, based on the Schedule of Benefits, for students of educational institutions in Jamaica.


All full-time students, up to age twenty-one (21), enrolled at the Institution at the commencement of the school year.


Premiums should be paid annually at the beginning of each school year, all payments must be submitted by the end of the three (3) month enrollment period, November 30. Payments can be made at the school or any Paymaster and Sagicor Life location.

features and benefits

features and benefits

Medical Benefits:

In-Hospital Services

Specialized Consultation

Prescribed Drugs

Diagnostic Services

Out-Patient Care

• Dental Benefits and Optical Benefits


See all the benefits in our School Companion brochure HERE.


Parents or Guardians will be required to complete an enrollment form on behalf of each student. Completed enrollment forms for each child with a copy of the premium payment receipt attached can be submitted to the School. The plan becomes effective September 1.

How to Enroll:

Step 1 - Complete the enrollment form for each student. Only original forms will be accepted. No copies will be accepted.

Step 2 - Take enrollment form to payment center selected. Information on enrollment form is required to process payment. (Payment without enrollment form will not be facilitated.)

Step 3 - Submit completed enrollment form, along with payment receipt attached to the school.



Each student will be provided with a swipe card (Fast Card), once successfully enrolled. Health cards should be collected at the school.