Use our Foreign Exchange Facility (FX) to manage all of your FX transactions right here. We’re ready to make you a citizen of the world by giving you access to over 40 different currencies with:

  • Internationally competitive rates
  • Same-day delivery of funds
  • Trades execution by our FX experts
  • Funds transfer in local and foreign currency

Sending a foreign currency draft wherever you’d like is just one of the services that we offer!


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CAD 109.00 112.00 117.00 117.00
EUR 163.20 166.20 171.20 171.20
GBP 192.00 195.00 200.00 200.00
USD 141.30 151.30 157.30 157.30
Last Updated: 03/01/2024
*rates are subjected to change without notice.