Prime Chequing is an interest-bearing chequing account designed to provide you with similar benefits as a savings account, plus the flexibility of having a chequing account for one flat monthly fee. As an additional benefit, you can access a Line of Credit with this account.


Additional Product Details

product benefits

A Prime Chequing account is not only for the adult saver, but it is a great way to kick-start healthy savings habits in children. The adult, who will be the primary account holder, will be able to make withdrawals from the ac¬count on behalf of the child.

With a Prime Chequing account, you will experience the convenience and benefit of having one account for your chequing needs.

  • Pays interest that is calculated daily and credited monthly
  • Online Banking access
  • Line of Credit available*
  • Standing instructions, sweep facilities and direct deposit are available
  • Electronic statements will be issued quarterly for this account

*Subject to approval.



There is a minimum opening balance of JMD 5000 and USD 100.

Available in the following currencies:

  • JMD
  • USD

Available ABM cash limit of JMD 50,000 JMD and a point-of-sale transaction limit of JMD 100,000.

Monthly service charge of $1000.00

Conditions apply


required documents

Welcome to Sagicor Bank!
Having all the required documents will save time. Here is a list of documents you can choose from:

Personal/Individual Accounts:

One valid photo identification required:

  • National ID Card with photo
  • Driver's License (photograph/signature)
  • Passport
  • Employee ID (photograph/signature)with letter from employer
  • Citizenship Card or Senior Citizen ID with Birth Certificate


  •  TRN Card or Driver’s Licence (or the equivalent e.g. SSN, SIN, etc.)

Two character references required:

  • Employer for at least the last 3 months (signed by CEO of Company, Manager or equivalent)
  • Army officer (Major or above)
  • Attorney at Law
  • Clerk of Court
  • Consular Officer (High Commissioner/Ambassador)
  • Current Sagicor Client (2 years and in good standing)
  • Financial Institution (Manager or above)
  • Judge (Resident Magistrate or above)
  • Marriage Officer/Civil Registrar
  • Justice of the Peace/Notary Public
  • Police Officer (Deputy Superintendent or above)
  • Confirmed Sagicor Staff Members
  • Member of Parliament
  • Sagicor Providers (Doctors & Owners of Pharmacies)
  • Principal of school registered with the Ministry of Education

Any of the following:

  • Utility Bill (no more than 3 months old)
  • Current Statement from Financial Institution
  • Voter's Card
  • Letter/Declaration from Justice of the Peace Lease or Rental Agreement
  • College Admission letter when in dorms

Proof of source of funds/income:

  • The Jamaican regulation requires proof of source of funds.