5 Minutes With Women In Corporate: Jodian Aris' Strategy

April 19, 2021

JODIAN Aris is a research and strategy analyst, Sagicor Investments Jamaica

AW: What was your first job?

JA: My first summer job was at Paymaster Jamaica Limited, where I had duties as a filing clerk. This position taught me to be open to learn and take corrections in stride. My first full-time job was with the Planning Institute of Jamaica as an economist. This was where the theory I learnt in the classroom met reality, and my understanding of the Jamaican economy deepened.

AW: What would you say is your best career achievement to date?

JA: Most recently would have to be the successful launch and introduction of Sagicor Select Funds Limited to the Jamaican market, which was a game-changer for the investing public. It came at point where interest in the stock market was growing, and presented investors with an easy and simple introduction into the equity market, offering them exposure to several stocks through ownership of one stock. Being part of the team that developed Jamaica's first listed equity fund, and knowing that we would have increased investment options for everyday Jamaicans, is a career accomplishment I will cherish forever.

AW: When would you say you have worked the hardest?

JA: Every day presents new challenges, but I do appreciate the opportunity to learn and develop. I consider transitioning to new roles to be among the hardest times within my career journey, because though I know that the potential lies within me, moving from my comfort zone can be challenging as it requires sacrifices. In January 2020 I transitioned to the assistant manager level, and this transition meant waking earlier and working later to bring myself up to speed. It was also rewarding to be recognised for my work and exciting to be facing new challenges.

AW: What is your go to place/thing/quote for inspiration/motivation?

JA: I constantly remind myself of the scripture which states that we should “be anxious about nothing”. This reminds me to focus on my part and what I can do in a situation and ignore the negatives. I also have some favourite motivational tips that I post to my WhatsApp status to set the tone for my day and lift up others. One of them is, “No one is you and that is your power”.

AW: What is your advice to young women who are looking to pursue a career in the corporate world?

JA: Create a vision for yourself and be strategic when working towards achieving it. Identify the position you want and seek guidance to get you there. Even though there may be setbacks, be resilient and keep going.