Manufacturing & Agro-Processing Loan

We're taking care of business with a flexible credit facility to help businesses in Manufacturing and Agro-Processing.

Business Priority Services

Our Business Priority Unit is a handpicked group of Sagicor Bank employees whose main focus is making your business run efficiently.

Corporate Credit Lending

At Sagicor, we pride ourselves on being the standard bearer when it comes to being flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our clients.

Sweep Facilities

Our sweep facilities offer you the convenience of automatic nightly transfers of surplus balances to a higher yielding account giving you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to worry about overdrafts.

Trading Financing

For those looking for working capital for general purposes we are here to aid you get those extra funds needed to help make your trading run smoothly.

Corporate Credit Solutions

Credit is without a doubt essential to the smooth running of a business; therefore it is important to choose the right running partner!

Corporate Finance

If you are looking to expand, merge or just getting ready for new challenges, we do have other customizable services to cover you through every step of your business.

Direct Advantage

Make your receivables and payments simpler by using Direct Advantage which comes with all the convenience and adaptability of Sagicor Bank.

Guarantee Facilities

We have a variety of guarantee facilities available to clients who are in need of a trusted partner if they have contractual dealings with third parties.

Loan and Lease Financing

Looking for funding for a new project, capital for leasing new equipment or what else your business needs to compete?

Micro Small Business Funding

We’ve created a one-stop shop for small business to receive loans for financing by wholesaling funds made available through our wide network of credit unions, micro financing institutions and cooperative banks.

POS Merchant Loan

Are you a business owner with a Point of Sale Machine? We’ve got a loan for you!