Supporting the Environment - World Environment Day 2020

BY Admin Posted June 05, 2020

At Sagicor, we believe it is crucial to play our part to sustain the environment; with an ever-increasing global focus on “going-green”, Sagicor Group Jamaica continues to make strides in preserving the environment, by implementing and maintaining environmentally friendly processes to reduce waste and encourage recycling habits, in an effort to sustain its business and the communities in which it operates.

Sigma Run Recycling Programme

The Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run continues to grow as the largest corporate road race in the Caribbean, not only increasing in the number of participants but also in the number of plastic bottles used during the event. As part of the “Go Green” project, Sigma Run continues to collaborate with Recycle Partners of Jamaica to collect all plastic disposed of at the event. At the 2018 run, 14,400 plastic bottles were collected, representing approximately 500 pounds. To further foster the habit of participants recycling their plastic, clearly marked collection bins are strategically placed along the race route and throughout Emancipation Park, where the event culminates. Additionally, the company, through its Wellness Programme, continues to cultivate the culture among team members of utilizing reusable water bottles, instead of having to use a plastic cup each time to drink water.

THINK before we PRINT
As part of the organisation’s internal efforts to minimise paper waste, systems continue to be developed for team members to have an alternate route to printing paper. Group Human Resources continuously updates the intranet platform whereby team members can apply for and make submissions electronically for various requests, cutting out the need to provide physical copies of requests. The “Think Before You Print” culture, as well as recycling paper for multiple uses, continues to be encouraged as part of the overall environmental consciousness of the company.
We believe that reducing our corporate footprint ultimately drives efficiency and innovation, and we will continue our commitment to waste reduction and energy efficiency in our operations.

Paperless Transaction
Sagicor Group Jamaica, as part of its overall client experience to provide improved service solutions, continues to provide easy and simple ways for its clients to do business. Sagicor Bank clients are able to do a lot of their day-to-day banking using the e-banking platform, mobile app, SMS banking, Transact email banking services, and island wide ABMs, all of which are convenient, paper-free options. Sagicor Life clients can also enjoy online services utilising Client Web, My Voluntary, and My Sagicor, whereby clients can make policy update, encashments, and check their supplemental and pension benefits online, reducing the need for mailed statements and receipts.

Energy Efficiency
Our initiatives also include energy efficiency and optimization, and our offices have been outfitted with light-emitting-diode (LED) bulbs, today’s most energy-efficient lighting option. LED lights are durable and long-lasting, resulting in lower waste production. And with approximately 75% less energy usage than incandescent lights, and an 80-90% reduction in heat emissions, LED bulbs cut down on fossil-fuel consumption and our impact on climate change. In non-essential spaces across Sagicor buildings, automatic shut-off of air conditioners is scheduled for 5p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, and automatic switch-off for office lights is at 9p.m. in the week, and throughout the weekend. Motion-sensing lights are also employed in small offices and restrooms. The lower electricity usage cuts fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and the decreased usage of lights in our high-rises cuts down on light pollution. Bird lovers will be happy to note that the lower light levels also aid migrating species, many of which fly through the night and can become disoriented by bright city lights.