#MyWorldMonday - Shara Anderson Grant - Fashion, Flair and Faith

BY Shane Bennett Posted May 31, 2021

My World Monday – Shara Anderson Grant

There’s a saying that goes “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. 

If the eyes of Shara Anderson-Grant, Creative Director and designer of W.V. Fashion are of any consolation, they tell stories of great freedom, flair and faith on a journey that made her much better.

The Brand
Hailing from the humble streets of Mountain View, East Kingston, Anderson Grant had a loving and simple home that formed part of the inspiration for the  fashion line. Woman of Virtue, the longer version of the brand's name is created to celebrate and embrace the uniqueness that lies within every woman they capture a woman’s personality, individual brand and style. Catering from trendy teen to high fashion, her clients range from a sophisticated professional, who knows what she is about and is super-empowered to take an impact wherever she goes, to the bride that simply wants to be different. 

According to Grant “We take pride in the fact that our pieces allow our ladies to be bold, sophisticated, stylish, stately and feminine at the same time. It doesn’t matter who or where if it is formal or informal, her (meaning each client) presence will most definitely not only be felt but remembered. We pride ourselves on producing high-fashion personalized headwear that is timeless and is of high quality”

Anyone in direct contact with her knows that fashion is at the core of who she is starting from childhood.

Early Days 
“I love fashion and as a child, I would create my designs and had dreams of becoming a fashion designer. But had settled with the creation and expressing my creativity in my style. It’s like what Rachel Zoe said, “I believe our style has a way to say who you are without having to speak.”.  

In her early days from primary school to her teens at the Wolmers High School for Girls, Shara stood out like a star; creating unique pieces that stood out against the grain some would say, better than designers. Shara, while caring for an ailing mother from her teens to her recent departure knew the value of hard work while under pressure and looking good along the way. This mother-daughter bond is part of the reason her business exists today. 

Love of A Mother
Her role model and mother, the late Verona Anderson, who although paralyzed from the waist down for the last 30 years of her life always had a positive and did amazing outlook on life, despite physical challenges. 

She had a resilient spirit beyond any other and lived by this mantra “never, ever allow anyone or anything to steal your joy”. A mantra Shara takes on personally adding her spin, “Never give anyone that much power over your emotion and mental health”. 

Living with my mother during her illness I learnt from a very tender age, that we are fragile beings, and our lives can change within seconds so we should always make the best of it. Professionally and spiritually, I have few, who I look up to as their values align with mine, which keeps me inspired and motivated as they have managed to attain positions of notoriety in their field and discipline. This outlook had helped her in the year she has formally been in business with no plans of slowing down and clients lining up at her door. With all this, what’s the aim of her business brand?

A strategic thinker and astute observer, Grant aims to have the brand not only style women but inspire them to become the women they were created to be. As she notes, a woman who is comfortable in her skin and isn’t defined by others definition of who she is will go far. “When we look good, we feel good”. 

Serial Entrepreneur
Not her first foray into business, this Purpose Driven Life/The Richest Man/Bible podcast listener, was once a personal shopper/stylist. Since then, her knack for creation has led her into the areas of floral designs, personalized gift creation, wedding planning and décor as well as interior décor. With an eye for detail and the aptitude to see beauty in everything, she has creativity beyond this world and a passion for fashion. A talent that has been noted as an employee of Sagicor Group Jamaica

As an employee of Sagicor her talent and dream have always been fostered and wherever there is an opportunity for exposure, Shara shines. A go-to for her out-of-the-box approach, she is part of the dream team in the Marketing department known for their disruptive approach to branding, events, social, PR and more. While with the company, she has been a winner of several internal design events that have given her a platform as an expert in style. The skillset and knowledge gained as a marketer for one of Jamaica’s top brands, in her words, have been an “added benefit for the survival of an emerging business.”

Personal Life & Life Goals 

But when her 9-5 is done and passion projects are complete, Shara, like the libra she retreats to solitude. “I enjoy nature, it relaxes me. My happy place is being surrounded by water – the beach, river and being alone with my thoughts.” 

Quiet and quality time are integral for this highly productive creative. In these moments of silence, she assesses self reflects. One thing that comes to mind during these sessions is what she would seek to do if fashion and financial marketing were not part of her life. Her response? Motivating disadvantaged females especially teenage mothers in the inner-city with big dreams but no one to steer them in the right direction. 

Known to some but not to all, she is a woman of the cloth. As a lay minister of the Church of God of Prophecy, she is called upon to assist and help guide many through Spiritual turmoil, life changes and growth whenever the opportunity arrives. Island wide, she is known as a powerhouse Ladies’ Ministry Director hosting blockbuster events that empower women to see themselves as worthy, and virtuous. Two beautiful words she aptly uses to describe herself

What’s her advice for young girls who wish to follow in her footsteps? 

“Dream way beyond who you currently are to who you created to be. Make your dreams scare you, write in down them move towards it. Because your dream is bigger than your present situation, be careful who you share it with as not everyone will get it and that’s ok Embrace your gifts and talents and never be afraid to use them. Refrain from shrinking and playing small.  Understand that you have the power to be your best self no one else. Refuse to become anything or anyone that has wound or hurt you, but rather use each experience as lift heavyweight to build the mental muscles of the person you are becoming.  Embrace the process, celebrate even the smallest of victory, but never forget to enjoy the journey. 

What’s next for Shara? More creations: specifically, accessories that will jazz up outfits with a simple statement piece.

To learn more about Shara Anderson Grant and her WV Fashion line visit woman.of.virtue.fashion on Instagram, find her on Facebook at: Woman of VIRTUE Fashion Official  or WhatsApp 876-3745867.


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