Sagicor Life - Q2 Super Producer Shamar Clarke

Posted July 06, 2020

Shamar Clarke is a man with a plan. We caught up with him recently to hear what he thinks about working at Sagicor

How long have you been a Sagicor Life advisor?

I have been a Sagicor Life advisor for 2 years and 8 months.

What do you enjoy the most about being an advisor?

The ability to meet new persons and make a difference in their finances and by extension their lives.

What is your biggest/most fond accomplishment in your career as an advisor?

My biggest accomplishment so far was hearing the Hon. R. Danvers Williams acknowledge my contribution to the industry in his 50th Anniversary speech at Blast Off 2020.

Which Sagicor Life product do you like the most and why?

I love the Ultra Life Line Policy because under this one product you are able to provide a safety net for illness, investment and income replacement, plus  it gives the client the ability to create an immediate estate for loved ones as well as ammunition to fight for your life if a critical illness hits.

How do you stay motivated as a leader?

I keep the memory of where I am coming from in the back of my mind and the vision what I want to achieve for myself and my family in front of me daily.

Your top 3 things to share with other managers/leaders?

Stay focused on the goals you set for yourself, never give up always keep going because it is only in giving up that failure is possible.
Think without limits, whatever your mind can conceive and believe you can achieve. Once limits are removed from our thinking we have the ability to make serious impact and leave the legacy we all want to leave behind
Pay it forward. Its important for the progression of our future generations that we share our experiences, knowledge and wisdom