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Posted October 28, 2020 In Secret to Success - Dolphin's Cove

Since the lock-down, businesses have shifted tremendously to stay afloat and meet the needs of clients and stakeholders. In our Secrets to Success Blog, we take a look at Dolphin Cove and what they've done to seek success during the pandemic. Read to learn more. 

1.     When the lock-down happened in March what was your initial reaction and what course of action was taken?
Our initial reaction was to ensure our staff and animals were taken care of; We immediately complied with the Government's regulations and paused operation to the public for our staff safety. We then examined the protocols by the Ministry of Health and Tourism; acted accordingly to implement guided protocols and support staff with the Government WECARE programme.
2.     For someone who has never been to the attraction, what can they expect should they visit anytime in the near future?

Dolphin Cove LTD, Shares an experience of a lifetime, all our guests can experience quality customer service with well trained staff that have been experienced and are knowledgeable about their area. Our interaction cannot be compared; as our product and services cannot be found elsewhere. Our programmes are uniquely designed  along with our overall layout and arrangement  of activities and options for guests to choose from. .

3.     We’ve noticed a steady stream of content via social even during the pandemic high. How important is digital/social to your business?
The digital media plays a vital role to our company as it transmits information faster to a wide range both locally and internationally. Communication is easier and more efficient.  This also helps us to be closer to our customers as we share a part of their daily experience. It allows us to connect with individuals as face to face and other promotional strategies are difficult in this pandemic.

4.     What are you currently doing differently in light of the restrictions etc. as you reopen more business days and parks to local and overseas patrons?
 Currently our parks are open only 3 days per week with the focus of our international guests on Wednesdays and more of our locals on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). We have also limited our capacity as to how we schedule our activities. Our Parks are also visited by health officials and Ministry of Tourism inspectors frequently as we uphold and follow ALL GUIDED protocols.
 5.     Congrats on your recent nomination for World Leading Attraction Awards 2020. How does that feel and what would you like your guests to know?
 We take pride in being a Top attraction in Jamaica; we are elated however it is a part of our mission to provide quality and world class experiences. Our feelings will now make us continue doing well and also improve as we surpass our guests’ expectations.
We would like our guests to know that we value them and we are a part of this business to share smiles, happy unforgettable moments and joy as we deliver an experience and not just a service of a product.

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