Philip Bond Does It All TMOY Nominee Blog

BY Shane Bennett Posted April 18, 2022

Philip Bond, Employee Benefits Division TMOY Candidate

Standing at a stately 6 feet 1nch tall, Philip Bond hails from a family deep in the financial sector. This self-proclaimed introvert and avid sports fan has been with the Sagicor team for almost 9 years. We recently chatted with him about his nomination and life at Sagicor. Here’s what he had to say:

Sagicor: Interesting surname, we assume you’ve watched all the movies, right? Is work-life the same? – jumping through hoops and saving the day that is.

PB: I haven’t watched all the movies but for sure the recent ones. I’ve started watching them in chronological order to cover all of them. Yes, there are a lot of comparisons to be made as I love being innovative, impactful and resourceful. These key skills assist me greatly as an Assistant Manager of Business Development where I manage the projects and initiatives for the department. Problem-solving is a major component, and who solves problems like a Bond?


Sagicor: What’s life like on the weekends away from work? Sports? Travels? How do you relax?

PB: I very much value work-life balance and especially family time. On weekends , I am always around family, whether enjoying home-cooked meals, playing tennis, or watching sports such as football, tennis, and the NFL. If I’m not watching sports, I’m watching movies and TV series. I’m also a lover of nature and taking a weekend out to the country is an amazing way to enhance R&R which I try and do at least once a month.


Sagicor: What does family mean to you and how have they helped in your role so far at Sagicor?

PB: Family is everything to me as they are the ones that first show you how to love and what it’s like to be loved. I wouldn’t be the person today without my parents' influence, motivation, and creativity who are true role models. By having both parents being such influential people in the financial sector, I have direct access to world-class mentorship. Additionally, mentors can be younger than yourself as my sister and partner inspire me and have so many admirable qualities. This allows me in turn to be a true leader and inspiration to my fellow team members.


Sagicor: In all your years at Sagicor what principle has guided you the most along your journey?

PB: The principle that has guided me the most while at Sagicor is that diversity elevates creativity. Having so many team members from different backgrounds, age groups and educational experiences creates a unique culture that allows so many possibilities just by our differences.


Sagicor: What’s the one piece of advice you’d given your 10-year-old self after all you’ve accomplished?

PB: One piece of advice I’d give to my 10-year-old self is to be more deliberate and use your voice to foster things bigger than yourself. I’m an introvert by nature even though a lot of people would debate that now. To see the impact I have on people by being involved and expressing my sincere views, I wish I could have started that impact earlier.

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