Rest. Renew. Restore- A New Year's Message from Sagicor

Posted January 01, 2022

2022 is here!

The start of a new year symbolizes new beginnings and new opportunities.

A chance for renewal.

As we greet 2022, let us celebrate our capacity to withstand life’s difficulties and uncertainties. We are a resilient people and as we prepare for a new year, let us celebrate our individual strengths and the collective power of our people to survive and thrive.

At Sagicor, we commit to always celebrating our people – our team, our clients, and our nation. The last two years in particular have shown us the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience and our lives have been richer for it.

A new year, a new day is an opportunity for renewal – let us remember that renewal is more than a pause, it is a stop. A stop to reflect on the old and determining if is worth returning to or choosing to start anew with something more meaningful and valuable. We exist in a culture that teaches us to be on the go all the time – we plan, we execute, and we repeat this cycle in our professional lives. Let us consciously allow ourselves time to restore through rest, acknowledging that as projects close, so too, should we close our day with rest so we can start anew the next day fully refreshed to produce our best.

We value hard work but encourage you to place a higher value on rest as you go through this year. Unlearn the practice of saying yes when you really cannot take on another project or say yes to hang out when you are exhausted. Remember self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity. The covid-19 pandemic has forced us to unlearn old ways of being and learn new ways of being. Let us be intentional about rest for 2022 so that we can present our best selves for our family, friends, and colleagues.

Rest and renewal may look very different for everyone, for some of us, it is reading a new book, watching a movie, or listening to music for others, it may be meditating, playing a game with friends or family, or taking a trip somewhere to discover a new place.

Whatever you do to rest and renew is completely up to you, but we encourage you to make this a priority for 2022 and beyond.