#LoveIsNotCancelled – How To Celebrate Global Love Day During COVID19

BY Shane Bennett Posted May 01, 2020

#LoveIsNotCancelled – How To Celebrate Global Love Day During COVID19.


Today, Sagicor joins forces with over 164 countries as we celebrate Global Love Day.


What started in 2004  by the Love Foundation to encourage unity amongst people through unconditional love, has a renewed meaning during these interesting times; whilst many things are, we can say for a fact that #LoveIsNotCancelled.


As staying in is the new going out, we’re here to help you spread the love for the annual celebration. Here’s how we suggest you celebrate as we stay closer together, whilst staying apart.


We’ve created three areas that you may fall into – lovers, friends or family. You can mix and match, add or subtract, or switch things up but make it your own, make it fun, and full of love.


For Lovers

·      Zoom/Netflix Movie Date at Home

Whether your significant other is far away or in ‘quarantine’ at home with you, it’s always important to spend time with the one who has your heart. We suggest you ask your partner out on a date and yes, dress to impress or keep it cozy, whatever works for you both.


Set up a Zoom/Netflix movie date with your favourite flick. Netflix now allows you to view movies together so that’s a huge win! Grab that popcorn, a bottle of your favourite spirit and enjoy.


·      Learn each other’s love language.

Whether you live with your partner or not, these times can truly test what you’re made of. Our advice? Get back to basics! Visit https://www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/ and take the free test. Have a light dinner and talk about how you both love and what makes you feel loved, listening openly to understand.


Allow your partner to get intimate and in-tune with their inner side; learn more and love more.

·      Create Digital Love Notes

Remember art class back in the day? That’s the vibe we’re going for!


Head to a free designer site such as Canva (www.canva.com), choose a template and remind your partner of all the great things you love about them. Start by saying, “Loving you means….” and list 5 awesome things about your beloved. Drop it in Whatsapp or email and watch their reaction.

For Friends

·      Zoom Dance Party.

Break out the song and dance folks! It’s about to get funky! Virtual parties are a thing these days and truly, it’s no fun without your gang to kick it with. Head to YouTube, load up a playlist and let the good times roll! Don’t be shy, go break a leg!


·      Surprise Check-In via Whatsapp/FaceTime

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a surprise check-in from your friends. Just to see your screen light up with two familiar faces you haven’t seen or heard from in a while, makes the laughter run in peals. In times like these, we need that support system wherever we are in the world.


Screenshot all the faces during the call and send a group pic to everyone when the call is through. Love has no time zone.


·      LOL with ‘Friends’ or comedies you will love.

There are a few old school comedies starring friends and family that are sure to get you cracking up! In the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s TV was lit with lots of shows that showcased the journey of friends as they made their way through life.

We suggest you grab your girls, your guys or anyone you call your crew and watch a few of these shows online. Here are our top picks:


1.     Living Single (1993)

2.     Friends (1994)

3.     Girlfriends (2000)

4.     The Parkers (1999)

5.     Big Bang Theory (2007)

6.     Martin (1992)

7.     A Different World (1987)

8.     Fresh Prince (1990)

9.     In Living Colour (1990)

10.  Scrubs (2001)

11.  Seinfeld (1989)


For Family

Family traditions vary, here are a few things we think could get you going during COVID on Global Love Day.


·       Tik-Tok Dance Challenge

In case you haven’t heard it, one of the newest apps rockin’ the world during the pandemic is Tik-Tok, we suggest you grab your relatives and do your favorite dance number just for fun. Top songs include:

·      We Are Family

·      The Electric Slide

·      We Are the Champions

·      I’m Every Woman (for females only)

·      Just the Two of Us


Get creative, get involved and show your love!


·      Zoom Karaoke Party.

Family is often first place we discover hidden talent. Let’s give ‘em a show! Host your own version of The Voice and listen to the next big star! Have parents be the main judges, dust off those vocal chords and get singing!


There you have it! Our suggested activities for today’s celebrations! Did we miss anything? Let us know! Enjoy, love the ones you love and have an amazing #GlobalLoveDay.



Your Sagicor Team