Life Insurance Policies You Can Get Online in the Cayman Islands Today

BY Coleen Douglas, Guest Blogger Posted November 23, 2021

When you think of life insurance, we often think of death benefit, but it is so much more than that. When we choose life insurance, we are choosing family. Choosing the right life insurance for you and your family is an important financial and life decision. It is necessary that as we evolve, that we also reassess our insurance coverage. Life insurance is indicative of planning – from buying a home, paying for college, saving for retirement to the unplanned of lifestyle illnesses and death. It is the unplanned that usually comes with big price tags. There are many options to choose from and you may even sign up for multiple options based on what you can afford. Life insurance is more than health insurance as it has additional benefits including paying off debts, taking care of family even when you are long gone. Sagicor understands the importance of life insurance and created multiple packages for you to explore and make the best decisions for you and your loved ones

We have compiled a list of our packages for you to explore; 


1. Guaranteed Investor Plus
This is an interest sensitive plan that provides for the investment of a lump sum deposit for a specific term with interest payable at the end of the term.

2. Purple Shield
A non-medical comprehensive insurance plan specifically designed to help with financial expenses in the event of death or a serious accident.

3. Triple Protector Plus
A non-medical critical illness plan that is intended to provide life insured with a living benefit in lump sum payment

4. Total Protector
This is a non-medical critical illness plan that is intended to provide the life insured with a living benefit in lump sum payout

5. Universal Investor
This is a high yielding insurance investment plan with a basic US$2000 Life Insurance Coverage. It is a 'nifty' investment vehicle for the astute individual who enjoys the flexibility of paying a small monthly premium but having the option to invest additional monies when desired.

Please call a Sagicor advisor today or visit for more information. Your life matters! Life insurance matters!


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