Irene Graham - Outstanding Advisor

Posted December 31, 2020

Irene Graham is an Outstanding Advisor for October.  

Learn more about this her and how she is empowered to seek divine guidanace in this blog post.

How long have you been a Sagicor Life advisor?

I have been a Sagicor Life Financial Advisor for 9 years and 1 month.

What do you enjoy the most about being an advisor?

After providing benefits to the clients, who then displayed total satisfaction, brings me close to self actualization.

What is your biggest/most fond accomplishment in your career as an advisor?

I do have two fond memories. The first one was when I became Financial Advisor of the Year for the New Kingston Branch for 2018, and my next gratifying moment is recently when I was the FYC Super Producer for Sagicor Life Jamaica for October 2020. 

Which Sagicor Life product do you like the most and why?

The Sagicor Life benefit that I like the most, is the Ultra Life. Reason being, it not only provides benefits for the clients when they are alive, but offers great financial support for their loved ones in the event they passed on. This greatly allows the family to enjoy the same lifestyle that they are accustomed to, pays for the children continued education,  takes summer vacation among other benefits.

How do you stay motivated as a leader?

I am self-motivated, and have an inter drive to succeed. Hence, I do not depend on external factors to motivate me. I live for today as if my mere existence depends on my survival to achieve.

Your top 3 things to share with other managers/leaders?

Top 3 things to share with other managers/leaders. Firstly, Stay focus and do not allow yourself to be distracted by anyone or anything. Secondly, always have your eyes on the prize and constantly pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and knowledge. Thirdly, write down what you would like to achieve, the timeline, how and work assiduously to achieve same.