InvestorCore is Here!

BY Shane Bennett Posted May 11, 2021

Starting today, you can get in the game and think like a Stockbroker with the Caribbean’s first online space for investment pros and newbies, InvestorCore, powered by Sagicor Investments.
An all-in-one platform, curated to teach and impart expert-driven information on stocks, brokerage terms and everything investments, it solves the need of having to visit multiple sites to grow your wealth.
Here are some of the features you can expect:

1) CoreCurate - Powerful regional Content
Stay updated in one click with CoreCurate. Here, leading experts share their views, stories and news on all things investments across their socials, directly to you. Market moves, big announcements, stock picks and more right at your fingertips.
2) CoreTracker – Make Money Moves
Never worry about your portfolio and its movements again. The tracker gives you a real-time view of your holdings. All your investments in one simple space. See what gains and losses happened in a day and your performance at a glance.
3) Profile Quiz – What’s Your Type?
Who are you as an investor? Are you risky? Conservative? Or maybe you’re in-between. This quiz will show you what your personality is towards investments to allow you to make better investment choices over time.
4) Budget Calculator – What’s Your Net Worth?
Do you know where your money goes each month? Find out what your true net worth is with our budget calculator. At the end you’ll learn what action steps you need to take if any to grow your wealth daily.
5) Compound Interest Calculator – Where the Money Resides
Now, you never have to question how much money will be worth in the long run. Use our compound interest calculator to find the real value of your investment in the time frame you’ll invest. Simply insert the amount, interest, term and more and you’ll have the result you need.
There you have it, it's time to #ThinkLikeAStockbroker! 
Visit the page, sign up and get started on your journey, today.