How to Sign up for Sagicor’s E-Bank

BY Coleen Douglas Posted July 19, 2021

Once upon a time, banking online was just an idea for some. As our lives got busier, more customers began to appreciate the ease online banking allows. With the advent of the covid-19 pandemic, e-banking has become more than a convenience for some, it is a necessity for all. 

What is E-Banking?
E-banking is also referred to as virtual banking, or internet banking or net banking is an electronic payment system wherein customers can perform all their banking transactions without having to go physically in the bank.
E-Banking includes various transactions from paying bills, transferring money into accounts, checking accounts and even applying for loans. It is easy, safe, and convenient.

Are you online yet?
Signing up for Sagicor’s E-Bank is as easy as 1-2-3! 

1. Ensure you have your personal information such as your TRN, social security number and ID on hand
2. Go to
3. Fill the form out and submit. 

When signing up the form, there are a few things to note. It will ask for your middle name, if you do not have one, please write N/A. Also ensure that you select all fields and be prepared to create a preferred user ID. Remember your user ID is your security code to get online so do not share this with anyone. Create a code that is easy for your to remember with a combination of letters (start in caps), numbers and a symbol (this could be the money sign, number sign or asterisk etc) 

The form will only be accepted if you fill out all fields correctly. So please ensure that your information is correct and there are no typos. 
After you submit your form, you will immediately receive a notification from SAGICOR with a confirmation code like the one below – 


You will need this code to complete your registration process when contacted by a Sagicor representative within two working days. Always remember to log out after each transaction for your own security.

You may call a Sagicor representative to assist you with your application at (insert number here).

Banking online is easy, convenient, and safe. Sign up today and access your account anywhere, anytime once you have internet services.