Driven for Success Melicia Jones Works To Top Best Performance

Posted October 09, 2020

At 19 years old, Melicia Jones, persuaded a job interviewer to purchase his own pen, after being put on the spot to sell an item within the interview room.  So good was her ‘sales pitch’, she was offered the position of relationship officer at the Clarendon branch of Dehring, Bunting and Golding – a now defunct investment banking firm that operated in Jamaica. 

Now, eleven years in, Jones is a Wealth Manager at Sagicor Investments, having joined the team in 2014. She noted that she still finds joy in helping her clients attain financial security. 

“What makes what I do so gratifying is when a client comes back to me and tells me how happy they are with the financial plan I have recommended to help them achieve their desired goals. It’s truly a special feeling when you can help people accomplish something they always wanted to”, a beaming Jones said. 
Since entering the financial sector, she has held positions at some of the island’s top investment banking firms, including: Scotia Investments, Proven Wealth and First Global Financial Services, earning the respect of her team members and leaders, having been recognized for her diligence in serving her clients. With this persona, she always supersedes her targets. 

Quipping that she is “addicted to success”, the Jones noted that she thrives on succeeding at anything she does, attributing her drive to her strong family support system, most notably her relationship with her late uncle, who raised her in May Pen, Clarendon. 
“My uncle greatly influenced who I am today as he believed in me and my dreams and told me I can achieve anything I put my mind to. In everything I do, I always want to make him proud”, she shared. 

Surrounded by the many trophies in her office for outstanding performance, it is evident that the affable wealth manager has a lot to be proud of. 
Having copped the award for top wealth manager for Sagicor Investments for 2018 and the coveted Highest Overall Achiever trophy, Jones said that it was her tenacity that kept her going during what was one of the most difficult and challenging years of her life. 

“My mother died in 2018 at only 50 years-old”, an emotional Jones shared, noting that it was also one of her most rewarding years in her professional life. 
She shared that she was out of office for approximately two months following her mother’s death but, upon her return, got right back into action with her eyes set on exceeding her targets and taking home the highest performer award. 

Jones managed to exceed her $1.5 billion target by 325 per cent in 2018, bringing in over $5 billion in revenue for the company. She recounted that with just two days to the close of the year, she brought in the additional $2 billion, which was a major contributor to her winning the top award.  

The Glenmuir High School alum, leads a life pursuing her passion for happiness. With the death of her mother still ripe in her mind, she said “it’s up to me to live the best life I can, because you don’t know when you will die”, she said. 

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