DIY Tips for Home Décor

Posted May 04, 2021

For more than a year, the pandemic has forced many of us to spend more time at home than we ever could have imagined. This has provided us with the opportunity, and much needed distraction, to finally tackle those DIY (Do-It-Yourself) home décor and improvement projects that we were too busy for. Whether you are focusing on storage space, organization, or overall upgrading, you will likely want to undertake and complete at least one project during this period. Everybody gets the urge now and again to totally revamp their living spaces but the process can be quite costly and time-consuming. With a few DIY décor improvements, however, you can give your home a completely new look without spending too much.

The trick to successfully updating your home without spending a fortune is thinking outside the box, for example, painting a door in a different colour will absolutely add fresh take to your home and sometimes just changing your light bulbs can make a world of difference. There is absolutely no reason to live in a space that does not bear your personal touches nor feel like home and to that end, here are some DIY decorating tips to invigorate your living spaces: 

#1 - Cost-effective wall décor
Add a grid of clean, white frames displaying black-and-white photos from your camera as a cost-effective way to add a touch of glamour to empty walls.

#2 - Shelving creates (the illusion of) space 

Make a narrow room appear wider with a long shelf that can also double as a mantel to display various objects of your choice.

#3 - Mirrors transform rooms
Adding a mirror into your space will instantly make a room look bigger while reflecting the surrounding colors and patterns.

#4 - Add a rug 
Adding a large monochromatic rug to your space will instantly give it a modern, clean feel and if you need some glam, then add a shag rug or a zebra print.

#5 - Pillows refresh sofas
Revamp your sofa without spending a fortune by changing up your accent pillows with new slipcovers.

#6 - Paint inside your closet
Your closet deserves some attention too so paint the interior with a light, fun color for a nice surprise when you open it up.

#7 - Accent walls win
Painting a room in a solid colour and then adding an accent wall with clean bold stripes will instantly update the look and feel of any room

#8 - Paint a front door  
Whether your front door is drab or in need of a new paint job, getting it a fresh look will create the best first impression for visitors to your home.  

#9 - Paint an inside door
Don't have a front door that you can paint? Try livening up a door inside your space instead ‘ombre’ style’ - paint the bottom one shade and the top another.

#10 - Random object trays
Organize items like TV remotes, cable remotes and other knick knacks on a pretty tray placed on a coffee table or a side table.

#11 - Shuffle artwork displays
Put pieces in unusual places in the home, like above a door, or in the kitchen or a bathroom, to add some freshness to your living space.

#12 - Create plant pedestals
Paint a wooden pedestal, for example, in any solid color of your choice then use it to elevate your favourite plant as it plays up different heights in your living space

#13 - Update your bathroom
Instead of spending a fortune renovating a bathroom simply buy new towels, curtains, and a shower curtain to update the space.

#14 - Change the floor
When wood floors are not in the best condition, paint or stain them. For other floor types, use vinyl adhesive tiles for quick and easy transformations

#15 - Side table wet bar
Longing for a wet bar but don’t want to spend the money? A side table becomes an instant bar station by placing an ice bucket, glasses, and your favorite liquors on it. 

#16 - Reupholster small pieces
Instead of buying new furniture, reupholster an old chair to give it a completely new look or spray paint old dining chairs black to instantly transform them.

#17 - DIY ‘Piggy Bank’
Teach your kids that every penny counts by making them a ‘piggy bank’ out of an empty disinfectant wipes container with their own personal label. 

#18 - Add a luxe throw 
A faux lamb’s wool throw or a faux fox throw will add instant luxury into your space whether draped over a couch or at the end of a bed.

#19 - Restyle your bookshelves
Once you've been staring at your bookshelves long enough, they're bound to start bothering you. Get creative by stylishly organizing bookshelves by color, rather than size or theme.

#20 - Get floral
Don’t underestimate the power of flowers to enliven a space and lift the mood. Perk up any room with a bouquet of your favourite flowers and allow their natural beauty and alluring fragrance to brighten your living space. 

Decorating your home from top to bottom can be extremely expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of furniture, paint, minor renovations, and decorative accents. While it may be easier to turn to Amazon or other e-retailers, trying these simple DIY home decor ideas can prove to be gratifying, fun-to-do family projects. Regardless of what may be happening in the world around you, these decor ideas will give your bedroom, living room, kitchen, entryway, or any other room in your living space a new lease on life.  


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Written by: 

Andre' W. Reid
Events/Communications Consultant
Andre Wayne Enterprise (A.W.E.)



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