Sagicor Corporate Awards 2021- #GalaticGold Edition

Posted May 13, 2021

#GalaticGold was the theme for this year’s Sagicor Corporate Awards held on Wednesday, April 21, an out of this world celebration during our golden 50th anniversary year as a company.

After such a tumultuous 2020, we could not let this year pass without celebrating our Star Performers. The evening’s ambiance echoed themes of Galactic Gold, and everyone who got the memo was ‘gold carpet’ ready to celebrate their achievement; the ZOOM room was lit. Our hosts Tami and Wayne Mitchell from the #MTMFamily led the proceedings for the night, and they did a golden job alongside our ‘chill’ room host Debbie Bissoon.


The indomitable Novia McDonald-Whyte interviewed a selection of awardees on the virtual gold carpet. Novia made sure to pose questions that gave us insight into the lives of our performers, and of course, made mention of their attire for the evening. Chris Lawe, Selena Chin, Nicholene Taylor, Brandon Ferguson, and Nneka Alveranga from Sagicor Life and Laurel Webster of Sagicor Bank were some of the awardees to grace the golden carpet with their presence. Statements such as “Failure is not an option,” “I could not have done this without the help of my team,” and “Life is not about what happens to you but about how you respond” had us all feeling like we were guests on a TED Talk.


The virtual award show was like no other! As soon as a winner was announced, their proud faces were on the main screen with the award in hand! The awards that were presented for the night were in the following categories: Brokers, Conservation, Employee Benefits, New Business, Humanitarian, Star Performers, Presidential and Branches of the year Awards, as well as our 2019 and 2020 Century Club and Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) qualifiers. Our Team Member of the Year (TMOY) nominees were: Charissa Clemetson, Khadine Tavares, Kirk Shaw, Nicolette Sewell, Sandy Gray, and Von-Dane Lambert. Kirk Shaw walked away with the TMOY award with Sandy Gray and Von-Dane Lambert as runner-up winners.


Sagicor 50th Anniversary