5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Christmas

BY Shane Bennett Posted December 03, 2020

If you’re reading this, please breathe a sigh of relief, you’ve made it through arguably the most *hated* year in recent history. You. Are. A. Superstar. Jokes aside, 2020 has dealt a tough blow to everyone. The upside? We’re thinking more creatively, so, it’s time for a treat. Self-Care is still in and we believe you deserve a break, no? Trust us, it’s overdue. 

We’re counting down 5 ways to treat yourself this Christmas. Whether you’re working or not, these are simple tips that will get you feeling great and relaxed as you unwind to some quality “me” time.

1. Meditate to A New Audiobook – Gift yourself the gift of a positive mindset. 
Given all that 2020 has had to offer, you’ve learnt that if you’re mentally strong, you can make it! It’s not just yogis that meditate, high achievers and top CEOs take the time to centre before they tackle the world. If nothing else once your mind is in shape, everything else will fall into place. Science has proven that mediation shrinks the amygdala (part of the brain known as the emotion or fear centre). Smaller amygdala, more control and less anxiety. See? Points already! 

To get started, our recommendation is to head over to Amazon and browse their amazing new titles for inspiration. The benefits? You get points on your credit card and a brand-new book! 

2. Movie Night 
As we’re all social creatures, we need interactions ever-so-often to pump those feel good hormones into our blood stream. For your next treat, plan a date night for yourself or your significant other – keeping it safe but very sleek. 

Do a Netflix movie night to reconnect with each other; on your one-on-one date night, journal, remind yourself of all your amazing traits AND why you love you – everyone likes to hear words of affirmation including you. Now that the drive-in theatre experience is back, you can visit to watch your favorite movies and enjoy some semblance of normalcy, while maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols. 

3. Make Over Here’s a fact, stress hurts. What hurts even more is that sometimes we don’t do anything to cure it. As part of pampering yourself, it’s key that you set time apart to look after the parts of you that work hard. Many salons and spas have specials in December so take advantage of the holiday offers and schedule some time for yourself.  

4. Meal Treats      
The holiday season is all about coming together over a delicious meal and every once in a while, you deserve to eat something that feels like a treat. Go out to dinner at your favourite restaurant and support a local chef or restauranteur. The key is to ensure that you enjoy the meal by savoring every bite. 

5) Maintenance – Sometimes, the best way to treat yourself is to do nothing. That’s right, nada, ziltch, nothing at all. Our final tip is to hire a cleaning or delivery service for the day to do what you normally would, whether that’s chores, a supermarket run or more. Sometimes it’s best to put that phone on airplane mode and lock away for some good rest and relaxation. All will be okay!

There you have it, a few ways to treat yourself this Christmas. With a Sagicor Bank Mastercard Credit Card you can treat yourself all month long and have the chance to win BIG in our “Treat Yourself” promotion. Every purchase gives you a chance to win a hotel stay and many other great prizes. 


Thanks for reading! 

Your Sagicor Bank team.