We’re All In – 3 Ways to Play Your Part to End COVID-19.

Posted August 30, 2021

Recently Sagicor Group Jamaica took part in the Private Sector Vaccination Initiative (PSVI); a bold, mass vaccination project to bolster the work currently being done by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to inoculate those along with their friends and family to ensure that they are protected against COVID-19.

One of two vax days, our Group HR spearheaded the initiative with over seven hundred (700) registered to raise inoculation. This, amongst other education initiatives for the team, Sagicor continues to push the message of educated vaccination for a safer, more productive workforce. So, how can you jump in?

Here are three ways you can support the initiative.

  1. Get the facts – Information and unfortunately, disinformation is rampant in these social media streets. However, we recommend that you trust the professionals. Countless doctors have the data to prove that the more persons we have vaccinated, the less deadly each mutation can be. That means If more people take the vaccine, each time someone gets hit by the virus, we have what it takes to not only stop it from becoming a more deadly mutation, but we can stop the virus completely. Don't believe me? Check out our YouTube channel where Dr Ramon Arscott gives the details in a previous session.


  2. Plan your track. – The next thing you can do is find out where the vaccination sites are and share it with those you know. Light up your WhatsApp chats, socials and messages, we're on a mission to be #COVID19Free. On Thursday, September 2, Sagicor will have its second vaccination blitz at the head office at R Danny Williams. You’ll need to register with a team member of Sagicor. To learn more, speak with anyone you know that works at Sagicor or you can visit the link below.


  3. Get The Vax – In the words of our President and CEO, Christopher Zacca, the best vaccine to take is the readily available one. Do your research. Are you a one-jab kinda person or are you ok with a double-dose? Find out all you can about the vaccines whether Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca or Pfizer from a trusted source and get your protection today. It's the best chance we all have.

1-2-3, easy as can be.

Whether you're on the fence, over the fence or looking through the fence, we're trying to get to one place – away from COVID-19. These three practical tips help you fight against the virus along with sanitization, social distancing and of course, the wearing of your masks, daily. Until next time, stay safe and get vaxxed.