10 Things To Consider When House Hunting

Posted June 30, 2021

The home search can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming stages of the home buying process. To make it easier, we spoke with one of our experts at Sagicor Properties and also put together a check list so you will know exactly what to look for when buying your house or apartment.

In a previous article, Sagicor Properties real estate professional Nancy Wilson-Walker, advised that when it comes to house or apartment hunting, the following considerations are very critical:  
1. Get Pre-Qualified
Ascertain what price is affordable by doing a pre-qualification interview with your mortgage provider. You can then look for properties within that price range.

2. Consider Future Plans
Ensure that you consider future plans when buying. For example, you may need an apartment but considering that you expect to start having children in a year, the cute one bedroom may be good, and you may not be able to re-sell it until after a few years.

3. Resale Value is Important 
Always think about resale potential when buying. Get something that you will not have a challenge selling later if you decide to liquidate some assets.

In addition to those three (3) top considerations from Nancy, we have put together a few more to add to you list:

4. Start with an MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
A Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a private database of available homes for sale. It is compiled and managed by real estate experts for up-to-date information and accuracy, saving you lots of time and headaches during your searching process.

5. Find the right Realtor for You
With a realtor, your dreams of home ownership can easily become reality. A personal recommendation is usually the best way to find an excellent realtor. Start from your family and friends, and continue with social networking or choose from amongst the expert team at Sagicor Properties. 

6. Location, Location, Location 
Location is the one thing you cannot change about your home, so it is important to choose a neighbourhood that fits your needs, your lifestyle, and of course, your budget.

7. “Must Haves” vs “Nice To Haves” / Wants vs Needs 
Knowing which things to look for when buying a house is easier once you’ve decided what’s important to you, ie, your wants vs. your needs. Create a checklist of your “must have” features and amenities to take along with you on home tours or ‘open house events’.

8. Tour the Home
When you have found homes you are really interested in, tour them in person whenever possible. This will give you the best idea of which type of residence is the right fit for you.

9. Review Your Checklist
When touring homes, refer to your checklist so you can pay special attention to the rooms, spaces, features and amenities that are important to you. These could include, bathrooms, bedrooms, living and dining spaces, patios, verandas or balconies and outdoor gardens or green spaces. 

10. Take Your Own Pictures
It’s easy to forget interesting details when touring multiple properties during your home search. Taking your own photos at each residence will help you to compare which of them have the best of what you desire in your home. 

Finding the right house or apartment for you may take some time, so weigh the pros and the cons of the ones you have toured and make a choice that will be good for your finances and feelings. All in all, getting your dream home is a process that requires time, patience, finances, and excellent organization but once you have found it, it will certainly be well worth the effort. Happy House Hunting!!

Written by: 

Andre' W. Reid
Events/Communications Consultant
Andre Wayne Enterprise (A.W.E.)



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