Sagicor Insurance Brokers Limited is a subsidiary of Sagicor Life Jamaica which makes it a part of the insurance conglomerate, Sagicor Financial Corporation. It is managed by a General Manager who reports to the Board of Directors.

The company commenced operation in January 2008 with a mandate to capture niche groups through the marketing of a comprehensive range of ordinary long term and equity linked insurance products, in both Jamaican and United States dollar.

SIB is the first company in Jamaica to be granted a facultative placement brokerage license by local regulatory authorities, to legally tender United States dollar denominated insurance products through an offshore insurer. SIB is also licensed to offer property insurance, an area which we plan to pursue in the future.

If you are interested in building your USD insurance portfolio give us a call at 1-876-929-8920-9 for more details.

Mission Statement

Sagicor Insurance Brokers Ltd. is committed to provide both JMD and USD denominated financial products and solutions for upper middle and high net worth clients in the market place, while providing competitive returns to our shareholders and personal and professional development for our much valued financial advisors and administrative staff.

Vision Statement

Becoming the premier Insurance Brokerage operating in the wider community, offering the most comprehensive range of products and services specializing in creating wealth and prosperity to all our stake holders with un-rivalled personal and financial returns.

Directors are as follows:

Mr. Christopher Zacca, Chairman
Mr. Michael Fraser, Director
Mr. Errol McKenzie, Director
Janice Grant-Taffe, Director and Corporate Secretary
Dorothy Russell Clarke, Director
Dave Hill, General Manager

Members of the Management Team are as follows:
Dave Hill, Branch Manager

Dave is a Life and Qualifying member of the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table and has qualified for the Court of the Table 3 times. With over 28 years of experience in the life insurance industry, Dave is Life Director of the Sagicor Production Club and an Honour Roll member in the company's Executive Club. He has served both as President of the Sagicor Agents' Association and Seminar Director for the Production Club for over 9 consecutive years. Dave was appointed Branch Manager in 2008.

Peter Townsend, EBD Manager

Peter has been a Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant at Sagicor for over two decades and has qualified for all major local, Regional and International Life Insurance industry awards including Caribbean Quality Award, Caribbean President's Circle Award, and the Million Dollar Round Table. As a Life Insurance professional he majors in Employee Benefits programmes as well as Estate & business succession Planning. As a lawyer he specialises in Succession Law, Property Law and Family Law.



You may choose from any of the following USD denominated products available through SIB and issued through Sagicor Cayman Islands, a Caymanian insurance subsidiary of the Sagicor Group:


A non-participating, interest-sensitive plan that provides for the investment of lump sum deposit for a specific term with interest payable at the end of the term. The minimum deposit is US$5,000.


A equity-linked life insurance plan available to anyone up to the age of 90 that also generates cash value from regular and ad-hoc investment premiums. Minimum US$2,000 coverage. 100% of the funds are allocated to the Sagicor of the Cayman Islands Investment Funds.


A US dollar denominated non-practicing, renewable, convertible term insurance plan with terms of 10. 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. A return of premium option is available.


Purple Shield is specially designed to help with expenses when death, terminal illness or the need for hospitalization due to an accident.


Covers nine (9) critical illness conditions up to a maximum coverage of US$50,000 payable on first diagnosis of any of the critical illnesses provided the policy has been in force for 180 days.


This provides Critical Illness Insurance, Life Insurance and Accidental Dismemberment and hospital coverage and generates Cash Values from regular investment premiums.


Covers twenty-one (21) of the most common critical illnesses and offers a maximum value of US$500,000 coverage. Coverage is payable upon diagnosis of any of these critical illnesses.


An equity-linked permanent insurance plan which offers a flexible approach to your personal financial planning needs by providing permanent life protection coverage up to age 75.


An equity-linked life insurance plan available up to age 80. Regular and periodic investment premiums can be paid to generate cash values.


This is an annuity plan which provides a series of payments in US dollars either immediately or at a later date to an annuitant/joint annuitant, provided that the initial premium has been paid.