The Solid Investor Plan is an equity-linked insurance plan sold to individuals up to age 70 and is structured to provide insurance protection with medium to long term fund accumulation. You may contribute any premium, subject to a minimum amount determined by the Company from time to time.


additional product benefits

premium payments

The premium rate is $100 per 1000 Sum Insured and is the same for males and females. You may pay premiums monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

Premiums are payable to the Option Date (the tenth anniversary of the Issue Date) at which point you may choose either to continue premium payments or surrender your plan and take the Fund Value less a transaction fee.


allocation to the fund

A percentage of each Basic Premium paid is allocated to purchase units at the offer price in the Sagicor Segregated Funds.


Sagicor Investments Fund

The Balanced Fund, the Equity Fund, the Fixed Income Fund, the Foreign Currency Fund and the Fixed Interest Fund are separate and identifiable funds investing in a variety of assets. Units in these Funds are purchased by an Initial Premium and by any subsequent Irregular Premiums. The values of the Units fluctuate with the market value of the assets in the Funds. Hence, the value of your investment in the Funds is not guaranteed in monetary terms.

- Fixed Income Fund
- Equity Fund
- Foreign Currency Indexed Fund
- Real Estate Fund
- Money Market Fund
- International Equity Fund
- Real Growth Fund
- Balanced Fund

valuation of the fund

The assets of all the Funds are valued by the Company on such day or days of each month that the Company may determine (the "Valuation Date"). Real properties are valued not less than once every year by an independent valuer who has no direct or indirect interest in any of the properties held or to be held by the Funds. At the discretion of the Company, provision may be made in any Fund valuation for any estimated changes in the values of properties since the last independent valuation. The value of a security which is traded on a recognised stock exchange will be calculated by reference to the relevant quoted prices on the Valuation Date. If the security is not quoted in Jamaican currency, it will be valued using the appropriate exchange rate. The value of any other security is determined by the best available quotation or means available to the Company.

The value of the offer and bid prices of the Units in these Funds will be determined on the same day.


You may encash units from any of the Sagicor Segregated Funds at any time less a transaction fee.

The transaction fee is subject to change from time to time.

Encashments are subject to a minimum encashment value which is subject to change from time to time. The Fund Value remaining must equal at least 50% of the amount of the Annual Premium (the amount of Basic Premium payable in the current policy year).


death benefit

The benefit payable on death in the first year is the greater of the Basic Sum Insured and the Fund Value.


maturity benefit

The Maturity Date is the policy anniversary upon which the Attained Age of the Life Insured is 75 or the 25th policy anniversary if later. The benefit payable on maturity is the Fund Value.




Solid Investor Brochure 2022

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