Sagicor Foundation Appoints Christopher Zacca As Chairman, Pledging To Continue The Work Of Former Chairman R. Danny Williams

December 22, 2023

As seen in the Jamaica Observer

The Sagicor Foundation, a leading force in Jamaican philanthropy and community development, proudly announces the appointment of Christopher Zacca as its new Chairman. Zacca, President and CEO of the Sagicor Group, is renowned for his astute business acumen and unwavering commitment to social responsibility.


His appointment marks a new chapter for the Foundation, established in 2011 as the charitable arm of Sagicor Group Jamaica. Over the past 12 years, the Sagicor Foundation has been committed to fostering positive and sustainable change in Jamaica through its focus on education, health, sports and community development.

"I am not only thrilled by this appointment, but I’m humbled to know that I have been entrusted with the task to carry forward the legacy of former Sagicor Foundation Chairman, Dr. The Hon. R. Danny Williams, who passed away earlier this year. Danny Williams gave so much of himself to the Foundation and to focusing support on the betterment of Jamaica. This is, by far, one of the most heartfelt moments in my professional career," remarked Zacca.

Zacca expressed his commitment to sustaining the vision and commitment of the Foundation, emphasising its core mission of creating positive change in Jamaica. "The strong team and I have the opportunity to continue building on this legacy and contribute  to the well-being of every single Jamaican."

Under the guidance of R. Danny Williams, the Sagicor Foundation achieved significant milestones, including providing scholarships, supporting healthcare initiatives, executing annual sporting activities for primary schools and implementing community development projects. 


The Foundation has been a pillar of support in health and education in Jamaica, channelling substantial funds into healthcare and illuminating the path for numerous students, thereby fostering an environment where academic aspirations are not hindered by financial constraints. 

Under Zacca’s leadership, the Foundation will continue to provide sustained support to these sectors, inclusive of the initiation of a mentorship programme for youth and a values and attitudes programme for youth reform.


Zacca, along with the Foundation’s team, is fully committed to ensuring the Foundation's operations coincide with global environmental sustainability goals. “We will integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into many of our initiatives, working towards protecting and preserving the environment. The Foundation aims to contribute to the broader global commitment to environmental responsibility.”


Looking ahead, the Foundation is set to engage the Jamaican diaspora in 2024. Recognising the diaspora's deep connection to their homeland and their eagerness to give back, it seeks to create meaningful collaborations and partnerships. "We believe that involving the Jamaican diaspora is key to enhancing our impact. Their passion for Jamaica and commitment to its development align seamlessly with our mission. We are eager to work together to create lasting change, empowering communities across the island," added Zacca.

The Sagicor Foundation extends an invitation to individuals, businesses, and organisations, both in Jamaica and within the diaspora, to join hands in fostering positive change and creating a brighter future for all.