Stop Your Hum Drum Gym Routine


The regular hum-drum gym routine is dead. You don’t have to bore yourself on the way to sculpting the perfect gym body, nor do you have to spend a fortune. We all know how hard it is to get motivated, so we’ve looked at some of the most exciting trends in recent times. Let’s start with things happening inside the gym...

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What's in the Ultimate Beach Bag


Everybody loves a day at the beach. It’s a chance to feel the sun on your skin, swim leisurely and enjoy a little time out from the world. However, as we’ve all learned the hard way, a well-packed beach bag is vital - so here are our top tips on what you’ll need for a great day on the sand.

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Delicious Detox


The buzzword today is detox. With all the environmental pollution and chemicals in the foods that we eat, there is a huge push to get people to eat clean and detox their bodies. When most of us think about detoxing, however, we think about weird vegetable juice combos or herbal potions that make you wretch, but detoxing doesn’t have to be dull and boring, it can actually be fun and delicious. Here are three delicious foods that taste good and are great for the body.

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Botox Without the Botox


Your face is often the first thing that someone sees when they look at you, and understandably you want to keep it looking great. However, in pursuit of flawless beauty and eternal youth, many of us often spend endless hours stressing over dreaded wrinkles!  Notwithstanding its effectiveness and painlessness, there are some persons who aren’t so keen on injecting substances like Botox into their faces. If you are one of those persons, there are multiple alternative treatment options available which don’t involve a syringe.

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Strengthening Jamaica's Future


Building a strong nation starts with building strong children. Sagicor Jamaica believes in the future of the country and seeks to strengthen it by committing to assisting the development of Jamaica’s youngest and brightest minds. This affords them the opportunity to go on to contribute and influence Jamaica significantly in the future. It is with that in mind that the Sagicor GSAT Scholarship was developed. 

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Keeping Well at Work


For many of us, this is the definition of a typical work week. But while you are thinking about maximizing productivity and profits consider this: what are you doing for yourself?
Staring at a computer screen, clicking a mouse, even the basic act of sitting down—these all carry with them certain health risks ranging from minor to severe. The good news is that with a little bit of knowledge and a few minor adjustments, you can make your daily stint in the office a part of your healthcare routine. Here are some tips to “work” your way to a healthier you!

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