Enhance your employer sponsored Health coverage with Supplemental Insurance plan.  

Supplemental Insurance Benefits are affordable products that you can purchase, in addition to the benefits provided by your Employer, to provide additional protection to you and your family. 

Choose from one or more of these supplemental plans:

1. Critical Illness Coverage: Health insurance coverage that covers serious illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, cancer and more.

2. Dependent Life Plan: Coverage for your family.

3. Parental Health: Insurance coverage for parents

4. Parental Life: Life insurance coverage for parents

5. Supplemental Accidental Dismemberment: Coverage for dismemberment(s) that occur accidentally or in the event of death by accident.

6. Supplemental Dental and Optical: Insurance to help cover your dental and optical expenses.

7. Supplemental Health: Additional health coverage that will enhance their current health insurance package provided by the employer.

8. Supplemental Health Plus: Additional coverage to Supplemental Health.

9. Supplemental Life: Life insurance coverage .