The Insurance Series by Sagicor Life and Advantage General, is a monthly in-depth look on matters that affect your life and possessions. We share stories of triumph to tips to make your life succeed, the Insurance teams have got you covered with all you need to know on health, general, and life insurance so that you can #ProtectWhatMatters. 


Insurance Series - Ep 1

No matter where you stand in life, it can all change in a moment. Explore crucial topics with Insurance Series LIVE. Participate in candid discussions every last Wednesday to delve into matters that resonate with you.

Insurance Series - Ep 2

Explore home and content insurance, life insurance, and estate planning in Episode 2 of our Insurance Series for a comprehensive guide to safeguarding your assets and securing your future.

Insurance Series - Ep 3

In Episode 3, join us for an engaging discussion on 'All things claims and back to school,' as we dive into the intricacies of insurance claims and explore essential insights for a smooth transition back to school.

Insurance Live Series - Ep 4

In Episode 4, we compassionately delve into the critical topic of breast cancer, as we shed light on its impact, preventive measures, and support systems, aiming to empower and inform our audience

Insurance Live Series - Ep 5

Men - we need them but they need care too. On Episode 5 of the Insurance Series, we're talking all things related to men - health, wealth and more. Watch the episode to find out tips on how the men in your life can discover their best selves, today.

Insurance Series - Ep 6

In Episode 6, discover essential resolutions and expert guidance for a secure new year start. From life and health insurance insights to navigating new home or car coverage, we'll offer expert counsel on safeguarding what matters most in 2024 and beyond.

Insurance Series - Ep 7

In this episode, we delve into three innovative insurance e-service platforms: eLife, Sagicor Connect, and Advantage General's online platform (name pending). We'll examine the distinct uses and advantages of each, while also pointing out any differences. Don't miss out on this insightful exploration of the latest advancements in insurance technology!