The Total Woman Plan caters to today’s woman and has a different design for every stage of a woman’s life. The plan not only covers the main critical illnesses that affect everyone, but it especially covers you in the event of a uniquely female illness or condition covered under the plan.

The product offers the following 4 options which a woman can chose from.

  • Critical Illness and Life Insurance coverage
  • Critical Illness, Life Insurance coverage and Pregnancy Complication & New Born Benefits*
  • Critical Illness, Life Insurance coverage and Investment
  • Critical Illness, Life Insurance coverage, Pregnancy Complication & New Born Benefits* and Investment

*Pregnancy Complication & New Born Benefits are only available to women under 45 years of age and coverage expires at age 50. All other benefits are available to any woman between the ages of 18 and 65. Critical illness coverage expires at age 80.

You may contribute any premium, subject to a minimum amount determined by the Company from time to time. You can select the amount of life insurance coverage required today and ensure that it maintains its value in real terms by choosing Automatic Indexation. If desired, you can increase the life insurance benefit by more than the rate of inflation or decrease it to suit any new circumstances in the future.

Apart from the Basic Sum Insured and the rider benefits, if purchased, the benefits payable under this plan are not guaranteed, but will fluctuate with the market values of the assets supporting the Funds.

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