Your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card gives you exclusive benefits and access that supports your lifestyle. This credit card is designed to reward you every time you spend.

Experience Exclusivity

In a world filled with possibilities, your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card is designed to help you enjoy unforgettable experiences locally and when you Travel.

Support Your Lifestyle with Confidence!

This is the ideal card for a globe trotter. Create lasting and memorable experiences and get access to exclusive benefits and discounts with your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card

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features and benefits

Enjoy Concierge Services Courtesy of your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card

Wherever in the world you are, your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Concierge service will deliver unparalleled services and experiences. Mastercard Concierge Service provides a 24hr Personal Assistant who will provide information for business or pleasure trips; referrals for home, business or professional services when you travel, such as babysitters, couriers or lawyers, at any time.

Concierge Assistants will also help with entertainment, gift and ticket sourcing as well as delivery, even for hard-to-get items.

MasterRental Coverage

Get free auto rental insurance coverage of up to US$75,000 for theft, damage and more when you pay for your car rental using your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card.

Travel Assistance Services

Mastercard Travel Assistance is your guide to services such as, pre-trip destination information, emergency medical and legal referrals, tracing of lost luggage, and more while travelling. Assistance is provided free of cost.

Unlimited Access to Local VIP Attraction Airport Lounges

Be confident knowing that you have a place to do business or just relax while you await your flight. Enjoy complimentary facilities, Wi-Fi, snacks and beverages and much more at the Club Kingston Lounge located at the Norman Manley International Airport and the Club Mobay Lounge located at Sangster International Airport.

Please visit VIP Attractions for more information. Visit as many times as you like courtesy of Sagicor Bank.

MasterGlobal Services (Emergency Assistance)

Get emergency assistance anytime, anywhere with Mastercard Global Services which provides 24-hours assistance with reporting a lost or stolen card, emergency card replacement or cash advance via one toll-free phone call.

Master Travel Medical Insurance

Get coverage of up to US$25,000 for medical expenses while travelling. Emergency Medical Evacuation Repatriation of Remains, Hotel Convalescence Costs, and Emergency Family Travel Costs are covered when you use your Sagicor Bank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card to pay the entire cost of your travel on an authorized carrier.

Priceless Cities

Enjoy exclusive discounts and benefits worldwide to events, concerts, restaurants, tours and much more. Visit www.priceless.com for more details.


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NB: All coverages and services are subject to change. Please check the terms and conditions of each benefits HERE to see applicable coverages for each card.

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