Technology Makes Sagicor Insurance Easier

October 06, 2022

Via Jamaica Observer

With the ever-changing digital landscape, customer experience is also evolving, and more companies are using technology to improve customer experience and services and increase brand loyalty.

One such company is the regional financial services company Sagicor, which has accelerated digital deployment, particularly in the insurance industry. Digital Life recently sat down with Willard Brown, chief technology and insurance operations officer at Sagicor Life Jamaica, to get insights into how the company has used its digital platforms to engage clients better.

Below we highlight four Sagicor Life Jamaica platforms leading the way in insurance and wellness.

Sagicor E-Life: Many businesses lose potential clients when a service is unavailable online. According to Salesforce, 70 per cent of customers report that technology makes it simple to take their business to a competitor if needed. With Sagicor Life's 'E-Life' platform, Jamaicans can purchase insurance from the comfort of their home or office.

"This is the first life insurance sales platform regionally and all applications are reviewed within 24 hours. We know that people are always on the move and this way, they can take that step of putting their financial well-being first wherever and whenever," shared Brown.

Sagicor E-Connect: With the 'E-Connect' platform, Sagicor Life clients can book a specific date and time to speak with a virtual representative at their convenience. This helpful way of catering to client needs is a part of Sagicor's Virtual Client Experience platform, which promotes the company's 'people first' mantra.

"We know that quick response from service teams can be a deciding factor in where clients take their business as it can drastically improve the customer experience. Instead of us telling you, the client, when and where to reach out to us, you can book your own time to speak about your life insurance policy," shared Brown.

Sagicor Connect: With 'Sagicor Connect', employers and members can manage their group insurance benefits online. Whether from a smartphone or a computer, clients can add or remove dependants, replace lost health cards, submit claims, or even buy additional coverage. Similarly, with the 'Client Web' platform, Sagicor Life individual insurance clients can securely make payments online and update their policies whenever they want.

Sagicor Engage: Group insurance clients earn prizes and discounts by simply learning to manage their wealth and achieve better health. Features include a personalised avatar, rewards programmes, financial wellness quizzes and wellness challenges.

"Keeping clients happy and healthy is something we are passionate about and with the Sagicor Engage platform, persons do not have to leave home to invest in their well-being," Brown said.