Tanesha Harris Has The Winning Formula

July 06, 2021

Via Jamaica Observer

TANESHA Harris is the Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking Unit, Sagicor Bank Jamaica.

AW: What was your first job?

TH: My first job was with Sagicor Investments Jamaica, where I worked as a business support officer. I started in 2009.

AW: What would you say is your best career achievement to date?

TH: Winning the Corporate Lender of the Year award for the years 2019 and 2020 at Sagicor Group Jamaica's annual Corporate Awards, becoming a relationship manager, and exceeding my target during a pandemic. Before becoming a relationship manager (RM), I did not believe sales was my strong suit and feared not being able to meet my targets. In September 2018 when the RM that I assisted resigned, I saw an opportunity to address my fears and step out of my comfort zone. I was appointed as an assistant RM in October 2018 and I did well. In 2019, my first full year in the role, I exceeded my targets and received the top award despite being the newest RM out of six other experienced sales managers. That was truly a great accomplishment. To once again receive the award in 2020 during a pandemic with so many constraints and challenges, was commendable.

AW: When would you say you have worked the hardest?

TH: I work hard constantly, however, my hardest was when I was at work for 24 hours during the Jamaica Debt Exchange initiative in 2011. When I was a business support officer at Sagicor Investments, the Operations Team had limited time to update the system with the new bond details. This was not my core function at the time; however, as a team, we decided to not leave work to complete the task at hand. That Friday morning I arrived at work at 7:00 and did not leave until around 8:00 am on Saturday. Working 24 hours with minimum breaks is certainly the hardest I have ever worked.

AW: What is your go-to thought for motivation?

TH: Stay positive. Good things will happen and work themselves out at the right time. Being a RM comes with a lot of responsibilities and can be demanding at times, especially when the clients' requests are urgent and they have tight deadlines. I have to constantly remind myself to remain calm and positive and trust that things will happen at the right time and will all work out in the end.

AW: What is your advice to young women who are looking to pursue a career in the corporate world?

TH: Knowledge will give you power, but your character earns you respect.

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