Students To Benefit From Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run

January 19, 2021

Via Jamaica Observer

Students across the island who face challenges with virtual learning amid the novel coronavirus pandemic will be beneficiaries of the 23rd Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run this year through the 'Get Back on Track' initiative.
Speaking at the Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange yesterday, Sagicor President and CEO Chris Zacca said the one-year educational programme is important, as it will help students who lost face-to-face time in school.
“It's near and dear to my heart and it has really seized the hearts of our team members. We expect to be announcing great things in that area as we move through the pandemic,” said Zacca.

Tablets will also be purchased to support students who are unable to afford the device for online learning.

Expressing much concern for the students, Sagicor Foundation Executive Director Alysia White said, “We are passionate about getting children back on track. We can't ignore the fact that some children, not necessarily because they did not have a tablet or didn't have Wi-Fi, weren't able to learn using the online format because they learn differently. This is something that we are figuring out as we go along.”

White suggested that arrangements could be made to utilise Sagicor buildings, parks, church halls and schools where students are located, in order to create specialised, intensive remediation courses for learning.

“We are going to have a challenge in this country and across the world because when a child does not learn, they feel silly and we don't want that for our country. That is why we have to do this,” said White.

The organisers will be developing the programme over the next few months and further dialogue will be held with the education ministry to determine the areas with the greatest needs.

“We want to do this programme because we see the need, but we will need the support and the assistance from the Ministry of Education in order to make it as beneficial as possible,” she said.


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