Sagicor Rolls Out 'Bank On Wheels' in Clarendon

LOOP News December 01, 2020


Sagicor Bank CEO Chorvelle Johnson Cunningham says the company is committed to increasing access to financial services in rural communities.

She expressed the commitment recently at the launch of the institution's ‘Bank on Wheels’ initiative in Spalding, Clarendon.

The initiative, touted as a first of its kind in the region, aims to deliver banking services to underserved and underbanked communities across the country.

The mobile unit, stationed at the Spalding Library, provides access to a range of services including opening of accounts, making deposits or withdrawals, and carrying out debit and credit card services.

The unit will be in Clarendon for six months and will also visit Frankfield and other surrounding communities, before adding additional locations across the island.

Johnson Cunningham said the initiative represents a strategic move by the bank to find innovative solutions that will increase access and help persons achieve positive financial outcomes for themselves and their family.


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