Sagicor Investments launches InvestorCore Jamaica — an educational web-based resource for investors

May 17, 2021

Via Jamaica Observer

Sagicor Investments Jamaica earlier this week launched InvestorCore Jamaica, an innovative online educational platform for investors. The website is aimed at empowering investors to profit from local and regional investment opportunities through education.

InvestorCore Jamaica is an online investment educational platform that supports investors with relevant and timely details about the local financial market to increase financial literacy and participation of new investors on the market. The first of its kind in the region, the website features a glossary, advice and reviews for investors seeking to better understand the market.

Sean Newman, chief investment officer, Sagicor Group Jamaica, said the investment education tool also hosts curated content to give investors a wholesome grasp of the featured markets.

“InvestorCore will also provide information from industry experts, to ensure the content shared gives a balanced perspective on the investment and financial industry for current and potential investors. The site acts as a hub for local and regional investors giving them impartial and helpful information about the financial landscapes across the region,” he said.

Tara Nunes, CEO, Sagicor Investments Jamaica, noted that the online platform is part the company's goal to increase and strengthen investment education in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

“InvestorCore is Sagicor Investments' response to the increasing interest in the local stock market and the calls for a better financial education drive within Jamaica. Persons will now be able to learn more about investments, the financial industry, and have a better understanding about how our market operates and the opportunities to be considered. We are no longer leaving the education of our investors to foreign sources but are instead providing insight and information from a local perspective to which our investors can better relate,” she said.

Noting that the platform is free to all users, Nunes said the website is one of the ways in which the company is leading the charge for financial education and encouraging “wise financial thinking” across Jamaica.

“This is a platform we are proud of as it will certainly enhance investment education in Jamaica and equip investors to make informed decisions and capitalise on the opportunities within the market. We saw the calls for financial literacy education and launched this resource to provide investors with tools necessary to skillfully navigate the investment landscape and understand the lingo from a local context,” she said.