Sagicor Bank Digitises Credit Card Rewards Programme

April 03, 2021

Via LOOP Jamaica 

As Jamaica transitions to become a digital society, Sagicor Bank Jamaica is encouraging persons to reimagine the benefits of utilising their credit card rewards to assist with managing finances.

Challenging the notion that rewards must be saved for a special occasion, the financial institution, which recently enhanced its rewards programme, urged persons to consider the points as an additional mechanism that fosters financial efficiency, as it enables persons to earn while spending. 

Antonette Rose, Manager – Loyalty and Retention in the Cards and Payment Unit at Sagicor Bank, said the new platform supercharges the clients’ experience and offers cardholders an opportunity to seamlessly manage and redeem their rewards points in real-time for everyday spending. 

She explained that clients can redeem their points for cashback e-gift certificates, a variety of travel options, as well as pay with rewards for merchant purchases. Touting the Pay With Rewards feature as revolutionary, Rose said the website permits Mastercard credit cardholders to spend points like cash at the moment of purchase.

“At Sagicor Bank, we are constantly redefining the products and services for our clients and with the new Sagicor Rewards platform, clients can easily access their rewards without the need to fill out forms, place phone calls or manage coupons. Rewards are no longer something that you save up to use on a special occasion; the Sagicor Rewards platform is real-time and gives clients total control,” Rose said.

The new platform also enables clients to view and access all points earned across their different credit card accounts under one login; check points balance at any time, and view real-time updates on transactions whenever they use a MasterCard credit card product.

“Our customers will now have the ultimate rewards experience that offers more convenience and satisfying ways to redeem. The Sagicor Rewards programme continues to be one that offers significant and higher value to clients through unique features and high-end services. We have also revamped our other features to bring even more value by allowing clients to use rewards in their daily lives,” she noted.