Moms Mean Business - Jacqueline Donaldson

May 10, 2022

via Jamaica Observer

How do you ensure that you mean business, and grow your career, while also embracing the challenges and joys that come with raising well-adjusted children?

Family has always been and continues to be important to me, as this unit provides the necessary emotional, social and financial strength for the success of all the individuals within it.

My little ones are not so little anymore, but the amazing and well-adjusted adults they are now is in part owed to the values and attitudes that we instilled in them while growing up. This is really owed not only to me, but to my husband and my entire family – our village.

Having started working at 19, it was important that I did my certifications to ensure that I had a full understanding for the roles and the operations of my chosen field. During my tenure I’ve had to ensure that I constantly improved myself to be an example to my children and entire family, which led to me to pursue higher academic certification and qualifications.

Although I have been required to be on call in all the roles in which I have worked and during all my years of study, I am happy to have been able to provide the necessary support to my boys. I fervently ensured that my children felt support in every area of their lives, especially those I knew I was weakest in.

One of the ways in which I ensure I am present for my family while honouring my career responsibilities is ensuring we have family dinners every Sunday, which includes extended family. We also take family trips locally at least twice per year, on which we catch up while exploring all that our island has to offer. I do my best to ensure I am always in touch with my children, husband, relatives and friends, and we also host occasional lymes to keep a pulse.

I come from a large family, and my parents came from humbling beginnings, but all I can remember outside of the constant bickering and fights with my siblings is that we were very all happy. Regardless of external factors, our parents always ensured not only their immediate family was taken care of, but they were very happy to extend whatever we have to the community. I always promised myself that if I can be half the parent my mom and dad were to me and my siblings, I will know I am doing a great deal. I will know I am doing my best.

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