KPH Surgery, Oncology Departments to Benefit from Sigma Run Funds

March 03, 2022

via Jamaica Observer

Head of surgery at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) Dr Lindberg Simpson is confident that funds raised from this year's Sagicor Sigma Run will help upgrade the hospital's medical equipment to provide better care for patients.

The 245-year-old hospital is the sole beneficiary for this year's 24th staging of the run.

This year's target is $50 million with proceeds to be used to procure equipment for the hospital's surgery department, a computerised tomography (CT) scan machine, as well as equipment that treat cancer patients.

On Tuesday Simpson told reporters and editors at the Jamaica Observer that KPH has highly trained medical professionals who are unable to conduct their duties at high standards as hospital equipment are in need of upgrade.

“We do have surgeons who have been trained in some of the best health centres in the world, so one of the things we are trying to do with the assistance from the Sigma Foundation is trying to get a little bit closer to getting the equipment to catch up to the talent of the KPH,” Simpson said.

He added: “Sometimes, a patient may come with colon cancer and perhaps their condition has been developing for a few weeks or months until the diagnosis and then we say 'What is the best care we can give this patient with colon cancer? What is the care they would receive if they were in the best health centre in the world?'”

Further, Dr Simpson said he and his team will be improving the quality of care through advanced technology such as harmonic scalpel and other reusable laparoscopic equipment.

“The equipment will allow us to do more and more of the cases in a manner closer to the international standards,” he said.

In the meantime, acting CEO at KPH Dr Natalie Whylie expressed gratitude that the facility will be provided with the well-needed assistance.

“We are excited that the KPH has been chosen as this year's recipient and, apart from the surgical department, the other department that will be benefiting is our oncology department,” she said.

“The services we offer are to all Jamaicans no matter race, social status, whether you reside in Jamaica or outside of Jamaica; these funds will benefit all,” Whylie added.

Sagicor will also undertake a multi-year project of renovating the bathroom facilities at the hospital.

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